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Media reports exciting details of journalist Grant Wahl's final moments in Qatar


Media reports exciting details of journalist Grant Wahl's final moments in Qatar

The writer of World Soccer magazine

Kerr Radnedg

revealed a dramatic breakdown from the final moments of American journalist Grant Wahl, who was pronounced dead during the coverage of the 2022 World Cup.

Radnidg said on Saturday that the late man had been treated in the stadium "for 20 to 25 minutes" before being taken to hospital.

He added:

  • This was towards the end of the extra time in the game. Suddenly
  • my colleagues on my left started screaming for medical help.
  • Obviously someone has collapsed. Because the chairs are self-contained
  • The chairs may be moved by persons.
  • and so a small space has been able to be provided around them. 

He stressed that the medical team was there "very quickly and was able to provide treatment to the best of its ability".

The circumstances of Grant Wahl's death remain unclear.

  • a representative of the Supreme Committee for Delivery in Qatar
  • and Legacy said the American journalist "felt tired"
  • during Friday's Argentina-Netherlands match.

He received immediate urgent medical treatment at the site and continued during his transfer in an ambulance to Hamad General Hospital.

A Qatari comment on the death of a popular American journalist during the Argentine-Netherlands confrontation. Ned Price tweets

The Supreme Committee

for Delivery and Legacy of the Qatar World Cup commented on the death of renowned American journalist Grant Wahl as he covered the quarter-finals between Argentina and the Netherlands on Friday.

AFP quoted a spokesman for

the Supreme Committee for Development

  • and Legacy of the Qatar World as saying that the 48-year-old
  • felt sick at the journalists' stand inside the Lucille Stadium
  • and immediately received emergency medical treatment that
  • continued during his ambulance transfer to Hamad General Hospital  in Doha.

FIFA President Jani Infantino sent his condolences to his wife, family and friends in a separate statement on Saturday.

According to NPR :

journalist Grant Wahl collapsed at the media platform in the final minutes of Argentina's shootout game Friday.

A few days before the traumatic incident, Wal told subscribers in his online newsletter that he had visited a clinic at the media center and "said I was likely to have bronchitis."

Three weeks of little sleep and a lot of stress

and work can have this effect on you, he said.

"On his Twitter account"

US State Department spokesman Ned Price wrote regarding

Wahl's death :

We are deeply saddened by our knowledge of Grant Wahl's death.

" Grant was previously "

arrested in Qatar for wearing a rainbow T-shirt

and said last November that he was briefly detained while heading to the United States and Wales match for wearing a gay flag T-shirt.

" Grant Wahl "

is a tweet from the moment on Twitter:

said that while entering Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium to cover the United States v. Wales game, security guards blocked him and told him: "You have to change your shirt. this is not permitted ".