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Seoul predicts mission by northern drones that penetrated its airspace


Seoul predicts

mission by northern drones that penetrated its airspace

Seoul sources have tipped that North Korean drones that violated the country's airspace yesterday took photographs of South Korea's presidential office.

Due to Monday's breakthrough, Dora Observatory, Third Tunnel and Gendol "Imjingak" were decommissioned in the border city of Bajo and visitors' access there was restricted.

Yonhap quoted a source as indicating that

a North march on

Monday penetrated South Korean airspace, raising the possibility that it would penetrate airspace over South Korea's presidential office in the Young Sang district of Seoul and take photographs of the presidential office and surrounding area.

The North Korean drone's arrival in airspace over South Korea's presidential office was observed during the day, which may indicate that military gaps in the air defence system were detected.

The south Korean army said that "a drone was first observed

among 5 north Korean drones, crossing the border

entering directly into Seoul

  • and flying over the south for about 3 hours before returning to the north.
  • "This drone entered the neutral waters of
  • the Han River between the cities of Kimbo

Bajo :

  • exiting Seoul through the city's northern region However
  • it did not reveal the exact extent of the northern region

as it was not constantly tracked over Seoul.

but it has been detected and lost on the radar network frequently

and the movement has been expressed as points instead of the line

it is not clear to determine the course of movement ".

I am confident that North Korea has more

precise drones than it did 5 years ago

said military expert Bruce Bent, head of researchers at the U.S. Land Institute regarding the penetration of North Korean drones into South Korean airspace yesterday.

North Korea is estimated to possess hundreds of drones, and can use them to transport high-quality explosives and biochemical weapons, which could pose a serious threat to South Korea, he said.

After North Korean

march overflights... Washington reassures Seoul

The United States reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring South Korea's security against the backdrop of North Korean drones penetrating South Korean airspace.

We are aware of North Korea's drone flights across the line of contact, and we are in close consultation with South Korea on the nature of this incursion, a U.S. National Security Council official told Yonhap on Monday.

The United States' commitment to

protecting South Korea remains unwavering.

5 North Korean drones entered South Korean airspace on Monday, December 26, and South Korean aircraft and helicopters took off to intercept North Korean parades.

The incident resulted in the suspension of many flights in south Korea. One of the aircraft that took off to intercept North Korean marches also crashed.

Leader Kim Jong-un

talks about key goals to be achieved in 2023

North Korea held a public meeting of the ruling Workers' Party Central Committee to review this year's policies and discuss key tasks for 2023, in the presence of leader Kim Jong Un.

Central News Agency

the official news agency of North Korea, claims

Kim said that the deep understanding of the characteristics of the recently formed internal and external environment and the clarification of the future direction of national business development are a noble experience we have gained through the hard struggle of 2022.

He stressed the need to

develop a more enthusiastic

and reliable strategy of struggle based on the fact that real progress has been achieved by enduring everything amid difficulties, stressing that "the country's national strength has increased significantly in all political, military, economic and cultural spheres."

He noted that

achievements and progress in the implementation of the enormous tasks set out in the fourth and fifth plenary meetings of the eighth Central Committee of the Party have been achieved through this year's unprecedented hard and fierce struggle .

s economy :

including major industries

  • minerals
  • chemistry
  • electric power
  • coal, machinery

construction, agriculture and light industry.

The 5 of key agenda items

was unanimously approved during the meeting

including the review of the State and Party's key policies for this year as well as the action plan and draft State budget for 2023.

Pyongyang state media reported Tuesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-on attended a meeting to mark the anniversary of the country's socialist constitution half a century ago.

The North Korean

leader also participated in a meeting held at the Mansudeh Hall in Pyongyang on Monday evening to mark the fiftieth anniversary of North Korea's promulgation of the Socialist Constitution.

This is the first time Kim has attended an event to commemorate the country's adoption of the Constitution, since he came to power in 2011.

KCNA said that

the Constitution "successfully carried out

its mission as a powerful weapon of achieving people's policy first in the new era of the Zuche Revolution, in which the dignity and place of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea throughout the world are reflected in the most serious challenges and difficulties".

Pyongyang celebrates its adoption of

its socialist constitution since 1972 on December 27.