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GOP alerts to Biden We'll roll out the red carpet for Elon Musk to testify before the committee


The Republican Party puts Joe Biden on notice :

We're going to put up :

the red carpet for Elon Musk to testify before the committee

House GOP leaders say they spoke to Elon Musk, or his team, about testifying before the House Oversight Committee as part of their new investigation into President Joe Biden and his walk scandal with his son Hunter.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) said:

I reached out to Elon Musk through back channels to tell him that we would like him to come before the committee.

I am very confident that he will provide more information, but welcome to appear before our committee. We'll roll out Elon Musk's red carpet.

It provides a great service to the Oversight Committee and America by disclosing all emails and correspondence between the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee and Twitter.

What I want to know is

who told you this was Russian misinformation?

Did you just make this up, or is the FBI involved?

He said:

Whoever was in the Biden campaign specifically was advising you on this.

Comer sent Musk a letter earlier requesting documents that would not be delivered by the previous administration.

He wrote:

"The Republican Oversight and Reform Committee is investigating the Biden family's pattern of influence to enrich themselves and President Biden's involvement in these schemes.

As part of this investigation :

Republican committee members are reviewing the role played by Big Tech

including Twitter :

in supporting the Biden campaign in 2020 by suppressing some of the stories that implicate Biden.

After your recent acquisition of Twitter

and the pledge to :

  • provide a space on the social media platform where a variety of
  • Beliefs may be discussed in a constructive manner.
  • "we hope you will correct this mistake made by
  • the company's previous leadership and provide Americans with transparency.

To that end, we ask Twitter to provide information on its former leaders' decision to limit information that may have affected the 2020 elections.

On April 20, 2022

we wrote Barag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter

demanding that the company keep all documents and correspondence in Twitter custody that refer or relate to the October 2020 New York Post article about Hunter Biden's laptop. 

The company's previous leadership did not respond to our letter. We believe open communication and access to information is a fundamental principle for anyone free, and the American people deserve to know why Twitter suppressed or censored the Biden Before the 2020 election, he penned a laptop narrative.