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Senator calling on Joe Biden to bring Bout back into the world is a deeply disturbing decision


Democratic senator calls

out Joe Biden on Britney Griner's quid pro quo:

Bringing Butt back into the world is a very disturbing decision.

Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) joined critics of President Joe Biden's prisoner swap that saw WNBA star Britney Griner circulate in The Merchant of Death, Victor Butt. Menendez said:

"The news of Britney Griner's release this morning is a welcome development towards our collective efforts to secure the return of all unjust detainees in Russia.

I can only image how heartbroken she must be.

and her family have been experiencing since her

arrest almost ten months ago, and I join them in this moment of deep comfort as she returns to her life here in the United States.

To be clear :

  • Ms. Greiner should have been released immediately
  • and unconditionally for a long time. Putin knew that
  • all the time. This must be a moment of deep reflection
  • want the US government to understand that
  • The kidnapping of hostages by Americans is a very significant issue.

Russians and other regimes that 

  • take American citizens hostage cannot pretend that
  • there is parity between Britney Grenier in the world
  • and people like Victor Bout, the so-called" death dealer. 

Nothing can be further from the truth, and we cannot ignore that Bout's return to the world is a very disturbing decision.

We must stop calling on dictatorships

and rogue regimes to use Americans

  • and we should try better to encourage American
  • Americans should avoid visiting countries like Russia because
  • they are the primary targets of this kind of illegal detention.

My heart also risks the families of other American citizens in Russian prisons and labour camps

including Paul Whelan.

They have my renewed commitment and determination to use the authority of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to ensure the safe return of

Mr. Whelan :

and to continue the struggle :

for the release of all Russian political prisoners, such as Vladimir Cara Murza, and all other unjustly detained Americans," he said.

Former Trump

John Bolton

a former official in the government who now opposes Trump:

Bartering Bute prisoners for Greiner is

It is an American surrender; it is not a trade.

  • "This is not what American power looks like. terrorists and rogue States smile ".
  • "Paul Whelan should have been part of this deal," said Senator Jim Risch (R-Ariz.).
  • He is a hero because he served as a Marine and battled for our nation.
  • He spent four years unfairly detained and ill-treated in Russian prisons.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said:

It's been over 4 years since he was imprisoned.

How long should his family wait?

There is no room for vulnerability when it

comes to the lives of innocent Americans.