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Biden praises Congress's adoption of law protecting same-sex marriage


Biden praises Congress's adoption of law protecting same-sex marriage

US President Joe Biden has praised Congress for adopting a law protecting the right to marry LGBT people across the United States, with fears that the Supreme Court's role will be diminished.

Biden :

confirmed in a statement on Thursday that Congress was adopting the law as "a fundamental measure to ensure Americans' right to marry the person they love."

The Act would reassure millions of LGBTQ couples who have the rights and protection they and their children deserve .

The law was passed in the House by votes of all Democrats and 39 Republicans, less than 10 days after its adoption in the Senate, where 169 Republican senators opposed it.

The Act passed by Congress

  1. repealed previous legislation defining
  2. marriage as a union between a man
  3. and a woman exclusively.

The new law prohibits civil registry officials, whatever jurisdiction they work in, from any discrimination against spouses "on grounds of sex, race, ethnicity or origin".


marriage has been guaranteed by

  • the United States Supreme Court since 2015.
  • However, following the historic reform in its abortion policy in June
  • a large number of progressives fear switching on the issue as well.

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 voted to protect same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court appears primarily willing to allow some American shops to refuse to serve same-sex couples in the name of freedom of expression. The decision was taken next summer.

A large majority of Americans

Republicans in particular are in favor of same-sex unions.. But the majority of the religious right continues to be against.

Obama publicly supports same-sex marriage contract

  1. On Wednesday
  2. 9 May
  3. US President Barack Obama

speaking to ABC Television

announced his support for gay people's right to enter into marriage. Obama became the first U.S. president to fully and publicly support the idea of allowing gay people to marry.

Obama's announcement comes against the backdrop of voters in North Carolina in 2012 overwhelmingly approving an amendment to the state's constitution prohibiting same-sex marriage.

It is reported that 28 US states constitutionally prohibit same-sex marriage. United States public opinion polls show that the majority of Americans support gay people's right to marry.

President Obama recalled his

administration's policy of expanding LGBT rights.

  • For example, in December last year
  • the United States Senate ratified a draft

  • resolution banning punishment for

  • homosexuals and animal sex.

The country had also entered into force a law that allowed homosexuals who declared their sexual orientation to be admitted to the United States Armed Forces.

Obama said that seeing individuals in

his administration have same-sex relationships

and thinking that they still find themselves confused, influenced his position on the issue. His daughters, Alia and Sacha, and his wife, Michelle, also had an influence in his opinion, he said.

Joe Solmonese

president of Human Rights Campen

a gay rights advocate, said that Obama made historic statements

considering lesbians and homosexuals an important part of the fabric of American society, and defending their right to equality with and respect for other members of society by allowing them to enter into marriage among themselves.

U.S. Congress Allows Gay People and Animal Sex to Serve in the Military

The U.S. Senate approved a draft resolution prohibiting punishment of homosexuals (homosexuals and lesbians) and animal sex practitioners, with 93 Sinatura voting in favor of the resolution, while 7 voted against it.

In accordance with this decision

article 125 of the Military Code of Conduct

  • which indicates that any person who commits an abnormal sexual act
  • with another person of his or her own sex or opposite sex
  • or with an animal shall be deemed to be accused of homosexuality
  • and whoever is found guilty shall be transferred to military justice".

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However :

In the past years, the United States military has practised an undeclared "don't ask, don't say" rule that prohibits homosexuals who do not hide their sexual orientation from performing military service.

Homosexuals and lesbians will be able

Anyone who favors animals over human beings in their sexual orientation, freely and without concern, enjoys service in the United States armed forces.