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"The Five" makes TV history the first show to be the number one show in viewership for a year


The Five makes TV history

and becomes the first program outside Primetime to be

ranked first in viewers for a year

Fox News continues to dominate ratings leaving its competitors MSNBC and CNN in the dust. Fox News provided the third-highest ranking ever in cable news history for 2022 in today's total viewership.

Fox ended the year as the first cable network in prime time and the total number of viewers in the base cable for the seventh consecutive year and the highest ranked cable news network for the 21st year in a row.

According to data from Nielsen/MRI Fusion

  • The most politically diverse audience in 2016 was drawn to Fox News.
  • satellite news with more Democrats
  • independents and Republicans tuned in than any other network in

Fox News received the second-highest share of the Kibelian news audience in its history at 53% in the day's total in the 25-54 demo. The network also attracted 55% of the peak audience of total viewers.

Fox News CEO Susan Scott said:

From America's election night selection to

the home of the late late night show

  • 2022 was a testament to our unparalleled skill in
  • delivering the most innovative news
  • and opinion programs to our audience that still
  • ranks first as the most politically diverse in cable news.

"I am really pleased of what our entire team has accomplished this year,"

Fox News

recorded 13 best of 15 cable news shows with a total audience

including The Five, Tucker Carlson Tonight

Jesse Watters Primetime


  • Special Report with Bret Baier and The Ingier Outnumbered
  • America's Newsroom, The Faulkner Fox
  • Your World with Neil Cavuto, America Reports and Story.

F ox also had the best-ranked display 15 in A25-54

and 13 the highest-rated display with the 18-49 demo.

The popular "The Five" program on Fox News kept setting records.

  • For the first time in the history of television
  • the general non-core cable program concluded as
  • the most watched on cable in the total number of viewers.

Aired at 5 PM/ET

  • The Five was crushed throughout the day
  • and in prime time on CNN and MSNBC
  • earning the largest news audience in 2022 with 3432,000 viewers
  • and 465,000 in the A25-54.

According to Fox News:

Nielsen Cable News Ratings 2022

(12/27 / 21-12/13/22) vs. 2021 (12/28 / 20-12/26/21)


  • FNC: 2.330,000 P2 + (down 1%); 346000 25-54 (down 7%)
  • CNN: 730,000 P2 + (down 33%); 174000 25-54 (down 36%)
  • MSNBC: 1,208,000 P2 + (down 21%); 133000 25-54 (down 39%)

Total Day:

  • FNC: 1,489,000 P2 + (12% increase); 231000 25-54 (up 3%)
  • CNN: 568000 P2 + (down 27%); 123000 25-54 (down 35%)
  • MSNBC: 733000 P2 + (down 19%); 83000 25-54 (down 35%)