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Jane Goodall says Trump is acting like a male chimpanzee


Jane Goodall says Trump is acting like a male chimpanzee

Jane Goodall

  • a primatologist and environmentalist
  • believes that Donald Trump acts mainly
  • like a male chimpanzee.

As HuffPost reported

Goodall initially made the discovery in 2016

during Trump's first run for president.

On Tuesday

she told MSNBC's Ari Melber that the former president continued to show the aggressive features of the monkey species.

I see the same kind of behaviour that male chimpanzees will show when they compete with someone else for dominance, she said.

During one of their discussions

Melber played a video showing Trump crawling behind Hillary Clinton, kissing and embracing the American flag, and referring to himself as a "perfect physical specimen."

In order to intimidate their rivals, they are upright, boasting, and portraying themselves as more powerful and aggressive than they actually are, according to Goodall.

Goodall complained about the hostility and division that

Trump's actions seemed to have fueled.

[This] can have a multiplier effect all over the world

she said.

Goodall and Melber also talked about the freshly unveiled Jane Goodall Barbie doll.

 Goodall replied, "The original Barbie dolls were all wonderful pink ornament and very feminine," when asked what it meant to make a puppet on her photo.

In 88 years, she had witnessed many changes

  • particularly in the way women are accepted into higher levels of politics
  • and business, [although] they are not themselves in all countries
  • and there are some sexual relationships.

Wage bias and so forth, but the change was enormous. Thus, a Barbie doll that promotes the idea of "I can do it if I want" or "I can do anything else I want."

Dr. Goodall's work influenced many generations of scientists


explorers and scientific liaison workers

and thousands of young women began successful careers as a result of being inspired by her story and following their dreams.

Dr Goodall was selected for this respected honour by the Starmus Advisory Board in a vote held before the ceremony in Yerevan. Dr. Garrick Israeli, co-founder of the Starmus Festival, presented the award to

Dr. Goodall

on November 29 at the Royal Geographical Society in London because Dr. Goodall was unable to attend the ceremony in person.

She was recently honored with the Stephen Hawking Award for her work.

Professor Hawking

and the Advisory Board of

  • the Starmus Festival founded the Stephen Hawking Medal for
  • Scientific Communication in 2016.
  • The award was presented to the winners during the Starmus Festival

organized by Dr. Garik Israelian and Brian May combine the world's brightest minds to combine art, space exploration and scientific communication.

The winners were selected by Professor Hawking and Starmus Council.

The award consists of an extraordinary Omega watch made solely for recipients of this honor, as well as a medal produced by Dr Brian May, the Queen's guitarist, and astronaut Alexey Leonov.