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Trump is the dumbest thing to indict me on January 6th because I was impeached


Trump says the stupidest thing yet.

He is thought not to be criminally charged on

January 6 because he was already quarantined.

Donald Trump argued that since he had already been impeached for participating in the January 6 uprising, the Justice Department should not take legal action against him.

After a House committee formally decided to bring him to trial on 6 January, the one-term president switched to Truth Social.

The Commission decided that

  1. charges must be filed based on
  2. suspicious abuse of at least five different sections of
  3. the United States Criminal Code.

Even if the Senate does not convict him by a two-thirds majority, Trump is the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

The false charges brought by the unelected Jan

 6 Party Committee have already been filed


and tried in the form of the # 2 impeachment hoax.

I won convincingly. Double danger to anyone!

"Trump wrote on Monday on Truth Social.

The committee unanimously decided to

  • send the committee's conclusions to
  • Special Counsel Jack Smith of

the Justice Department

who is responsible for investigating Trump's

tries to win the 2020 presidential election by defeating Joe Biden.

Jan. 6 Commission Unveils Four Criminal Referrals of Trump

Smith is also responsible for investigating whether Trump

has any sensitive materials on his Mar-a-Lago property.

  • They won't realize it when they pursue me, these folks.
  • people who love freedom gather around me.

"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."

Americans know that I paid 20,000 soldiers to prevent violence on January 6 and that I appeared on television and told everyone to go home. "

The FBI was pursuing him in order to prevent him from winning the 2024 presidential election, which he said he would nominate to Republicans.

The Democratic Bureau of Investigation is known to the public.


  • has come out to stop me running for
  • they support me because they believe I will win
  • and that this whole business of
  • going after me is just like impeachment 
  • a motivated effort to discredit the Republican Party and me.

At the last public hearing on Monday

the Jan. 6 committee made a brief conclusion to its

17-month investigation:

"All roads lead to Donald Trump."

Despite claims to the contrary by

members of the Republican Party, the Committee is bipartisan.

Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger

both Republican, volunteered to join the Committee.

Both traveled with committee staff who worked in the Republican Party.

Cheney and Kinzinger 

are without a doubt anomalies in their caucus because they reject Trump.

This is the main motive for

Trump's criticism of the committee:

  • it is full of people who despise him.
  • Cheney and Kinzinger remain strongly conservative
  • Republicans despite their rejection of Trump.

Democrats will always be able to accurately declare that the committee's findings, conclusions, final report and criminal referrals are bipartisan, regardless of what Trump and his allies say.