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Trump shoots Liz Cheney and knocks her off the high horse: "Liz Cheney lost by 40 points."


Trump shoots :

Liz Cheney again, kicks her out of the high horse:

"Liz Cheney lost by 40 points."

Former President Donald Trump responded by shooting him soon to get out of his job, Liz Cheney, after he was smashed by a Wyoming representative during a committee hearing on January 6.

The January 6 committee held its last public hearing yesterday, formally referring Trump and others to the Justice Department for trial.

Cheney said:

One of the most shameful findings of this committee is that President Trump sat in the dining room outside the Oval Office watching violent riots in the Capitol on television.

For hours :

he was not issuing a public statement ordering his supporters to

  • disperse and leave the Capitol, despite urgent pleas from White House staff
  • and dozens of others to do so. His family members
  • lawyers in the White House and almost everyone around him

"No man acting in this way, at that moment in time, can serve in any position of authority in our nation again.

"He's not fit for any position."

Trump responded to

Truth Social reminding Cheney of her epic loss:

But Liz Cheney lost by 40 points!

We propose to the Commission to move the referrals forward where we are forced to speak of the seriousness of the specific crime, the gravity of the actual harm, and the perpetrator's centrality in the overall design of the illegal scheme to overthrow the election," said Jamie Raskin.

Our system is not a system of justice where pedestrians go to prison and masterminds and gang leaders get a free pass.

Even if it's true that President

Trump really thinks the election is stolen, it's not a defense.

No President can ignore the courts and intentionally violate the law regardless of the presumed 'justification' he provides.

There should be no doubt that Section 1001 applies here.

  • The Commission wrote that
  • false electoral lists were submitted to
  • both the executive (national archives) and the legislature. 

"The law applies to" any matter falling within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative or judicial branch of the Government of the United States ".

It is well known that exaggerated claims about

Congress may constitute violations of Section 1001. "

Every time Trump fights with Liz Chile

they look like enemies against each other, they call themselves mutual accusations, and Trump starts to think about Liz a lot because she's always criticizing Trump and getting charges.