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BREAKING: Jan. 6 committee formally refers Trump to DOJ for prosecution of four crimes


BREAKING: Jan. 6 committee formally refers Trump to

DOJ for prosecution of four crimes

The House Select Committee considering the Capitol attack voted on January 6, 2021, recommending that former President Donald Trump be charged with four crimes.

They are:

incitement or assistance to rebellion, obstruction of the congressional hearing, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to make false statements.

Although the measure does not change the law, this is the first time Congress has talked about a former president in this way.

The Ethics Committee

was referred to four Republican members of the House

  • including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Rep.
  • Jim Jordan of Ohio, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
  • and Andy Biggs of Arizona, for disobedience to the subpoena.

Section I of the Committee's final report was published. Committee members agreed to make all texts of evidence and testimony publicly available.

The majority of "insensitive" materials will be announced by the end of the year, according to Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.).

According to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Vice Chairman of the Committee, Trump is "unfit for any office," calling him "an absolute moral failure and a blatant neglect of duty."

A member of

the committee named Rep.Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.)

  • expressed concern about
  • making false accusations about election fraud.

Lofgren said that some of the funds were used to

"provide or offer work to witnesses", according to Lofgren.

Donald Trump is still unaddressed.

On his social media platform Truth Social

he conducted a search of the Committee's Vice-Chairman, Rep. Liz Cheney


reminding her followers that she had lost the primary by a wide margin.

Cheney claimed during the committee hearing that

Trump was "unfit for any office."

This is an urgent story and we will update you as information becomes available.

Trump stored secret

government documents in a storage room

near Mar-a-Lago members

The Washington Times reported that Donald Trump kept secret government records found by the FBI in his Mar-a-Lago office, which was located atop the main ballroom, as well as a pool storage area, both of which were open to employees and a location. Guests of the luxury resort are offered close proximity to the hotel.

The stolen documents

were investigated by special counsel Jack Smith

who is also looking into the former president and his lawyer's attempts to obstruct their recovery. The report provides new information on how accessible it is with poor security in place.

The office is accessible through a large staircase

near the ballroom but it is not usually open to guests.

No permanent barrier has been put in place to block the stairs, but a rope has been tied from the stairs at certain events, according to social media posts made in the report. "

The fact that there was no protection near the pool, where records were found in the storage room, was even more concerning.

Trump officials claimed that

guests did not have access to the storage room

  • and that only some employees received a permit. However
  • people familiar with the property claimed that the area
  • was accessible through two sets of arched doors
  • according to the outlet, Times correspondent Misty Severey wrote.

"Guests are allowed to enter the pool and outdoor courtyards, including the canopy that was located 60 feet from the entrances, placing thousands of guests who have visited the resort at more than 50 political events since Trump left office near the entrances."

The report adds

"A criminal investigation is currently under way into the illegal storage of classified documents, with Trump being investigated under 18 USC 793, part of a spy device according to a search warrant unsealed in August.

It is also under investigation for the concealment or removal of government records and obstruction of a federal investigation. "

According to a recent story, Trump kept sensitive documents on his property at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, just metres away from visitors.

This year

more than 300 top secret documents were withdrawn from the Florida resort

  • and the largest amount of FBI raid came in August.
  • According to a New York Times investigation
  • confidential documents were taken from Trump's private office
  • and accessible storage space for guests near the pool.

Trump officials

said only specific employees had access to the storage facility

preventing guests from entering.

According to the site

ocals familiar with the property confirmed that there are already two sets of arched doors going into space. The resort has hosted more than 50 political events since Trump left office, and guests are welcome to the pool and outdoor courtyards, including the canopy that was located about 60 feet from the entrances.

Trump's office, located above the Grand Ballroom

had other top-secret documents taken. In August

FBI officers removed more documents from the office drawer and at least one container of high-secret documents from the office's closet.

I'm not sure if the stairs are closed.

  • But while the material remained confidential
  • including Kyle Rittenhouse, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.)
  • and former Trump advisers Stephen Miller and Michael Flynn.

The office is close to the ballroom

and can be accessed through a large staircase


it is usually closed to visitors. According to social media posts included in the investigation, the stairs were sometimes tied to a rope but no permanent obstacle was put in place to prevent it from happening.

Federal prosecutors have asked for a safer storage area to protect top secret materials, raising concerns among federal agents about the resort's past insufficient security. Classified or top secret documents are usually displayed in a secure and closed area.


an affidavit from the Ministry of Justice states that the resort lacks a "safe place for the preservation of confidential material".

According to an August search warrant

Trump is currently under criminal investigation for unauthorized storage of sensitive data under 18 USC 793, a section of the Espionage Act.

In addition

  1. he is under investigation for
  2. obstructing a federal investigation
  3. and concealing or damaging official papers.

Trump contends he declassified

the records before leaving office, denying any misconduct.