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Three-year battle ended as the IRS handed over Trump's tax returns to Congress


Three-year battle ended as the IRS handed

over Trump's tax returns to Congress

The IRS sent former President Donald Trump's federal income tax returns to the Ways and Means Committee for six years, a week after the Supreme Court rejected his bid to block the Democratic-controlled committee from obtaining information.

The Committee has ever requested Trump's tax returns as the Republican president was still in office in 2019.

According to a Treasury spokeswoman

the Treasury complied with the court ruling last week.

The Internal Revenue Service is a Department of Treasury section.

To conduct an investigation into how the IRS examined presidential tax returns, the Ways and Means Committee stated that it wanted copies of Trump's returns as well as the tax returns of various legal organizations associated with Trump.

The law obliges the IRS to examine the President's statements every year.

Trump has defied decades of precedent by refusing to make his tax returns available to the public as a candidate for president and president. According to him, he hid it from the public during its audit. However, taxpayers are not legally prohibited from advertising their returns.

Nor will the Commission announce the returns.

Federal employees violate the law by disclosing details of the tax return. Congressional staff as well as members work for the federal government.

The Treasury initially refused to provide the committee with Trump's tax returns three years ago.

The Commission then sued for the records.

  • After President Joe Biden took office
  • the government abandoned fighting the committee.
  • Trump then sued to block the release of the data.

When courts determined that

the Ways and Means Commission had a clear legal right under federal data collection law and set a legitimate legislative purpose for the application, the former president lost that endeavor in the federal district court and the court of appeals.

He then requested an emergency order from

the Supreme Court preventing the Committee from receiving returns.

The Supreme Court authorized a moratorium.

But on November 22

the nine-member court rejected Trump's appeal to keep the wall unopposed, paving the way for the IRS to send the proceeds to the Ways and Means Committee.

Trump criticized the ruling

  • which selected three of
  • the court's six justices who make up
  • the overwhelming majority.

Why would anyone be surprised that

the Supreme Court ruled against me

On his social media platform Truth Social, Trump wrote, "They always do.

The Supreme Court has lost its honour, status and status, no longer more than a political body, and our country has paid the price.

"Shame on them!" It's books.