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Bloomberg reveals Zelensky's path from Ukraine to the position of NATO in relation to the United States.


Bloomberg reveals Zelensky's path from Ukraine to

the position of NATO in relation to the United States.

Bloomberg revealed the way Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky left for the first time, since the start of the Russian military operation, for the United States to meet with President Joe Biden.

According to the agency :

Zelensky was transported in :

"highly secret conditions", being transported by secret train to Poland on Tuesday night, and early Wednesday Zelensky arrived in the southern Polish border city of Przymisel, where he was seen at the train station, accompanied by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink.

Images from Polish 

television showed Ukraine's blue and yellow trains

with a number of escorts walking along a train dock accompanied by Zelensky, who, contrary to the protocols, wore a green military jacket and military trousers.

In the next step :

  • the group took a number of cars
  • including a black "Chevrolet Suburban"
  • the preferred model in US government cars.

Shortly thereafter

flight data showed a Boeing aircraft.

C40 B, a United States Government subsidiary

is believed to have transported Zelensky

taking off from the airport "Rzeszu-Gisyonka"

  • about 80 kilometers to the west
  • the main Polish center for transporting aid to Ukraine
  • took off in a northwest direction towards Britain

Nonetheless, before flying across the North Sea

a NATO spy plane surveyed the area.

According to the agency, an American F-15 fighter aircraft took off from a British base and escorted Zelensky's flight in part of its route.

The Agency noted that about 10 hours after takeoff

and several more hours after Zelensky's travel

the aircraft landed at joint base Andrews in Maryland near Washington, and from there headed to Blair House, Pennsylvania's presidential guest house.

Bloomberg explained that a team of American intelligence had been assigned to protect Ukraine's president, as was the case for all visiting heads of state.

"Zelensky's visit is an important injection of momentum and support from the United States and its allies as winter arrives," a senior Biden administration official said, refusing to reveal his identity to reporters.

Zelensky in Washington: "Patriot" or traps?

As the Ukrainian army showers Donetsk and other Donbass cities

and towns with their populations

defenceless citizens and civilian infrastructure with artillery

and rocket barrages

and as the bombing intensity of one raid reaches 130, Zelensky

while visiting Washington

secured a US commitment to supply more weapons to

Ukraine worth $1,85 billion. Joe Biden also promised that total US aid to Kiev could be $45 billion. But will the wind come with what the Kiev ships like?