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Donald Trump just called the special counsel investigating his alleged crimes a "terrorist."


Donald Trump just called the special counsel investigating

his alleged crimes a "terrorist."

As part of his continued criticism of the federal prosecutor responsible for the criminal investigation into the former president's use of sensitive materials, Donald Trump has classified Special Counsel Jack Smith as a "terrorist."

Trump said on the Mark Levin Show on Thursday that

Smith should resign and stop considering allegations that the former president had handled top secret documents found at his Mar-a-Lago home wrongly and tried to stop federal efforts to recover them.

Trump claimed that Smith's wife

Katie Cheveney

  • who produced the documentary made by Michelle Obama
  • and twice donated to Joe Biden's 2020 campaign
  • dislikes him as well" and is close with Andrew Wiseman

who worked on special counsel Robert Mueller's

Russia investigation. This, according to Trump, causes a tension between the two.

The attorney general has to resign

he has a dispute

  • His best friends are Wiseman and all these figures
  • Lisa Monaco at the Ministry of Justice
  • one of the top officials. This is the shameful situation. He should resign!

His wife hates Trump

maybe even beyond him. His wife has a sister

who openly hates like a level you can't believe. 

After Special Counsel Robert Hoare was appointed to lead

the investigation into the discovery of classified documents from Biden's tenure as vice president in a Washington, D.C., think tank, and in a garage at Biden's home in Wilmington


Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hoare to the post.

This was when Trump made his remarks.


  • once attorney Richard Sauber confirmed that
  • the government had not requested any of the paperwork
  • Biden's lawyers handed over the documents to the National Archives
  • contrary to Trump's case.

The FBI raided Trump's Florida residence in August 2022 after accusing him and his legal team of refusing to hand over all sensitive documents taken from the White House in January 2021.

Biden could not declassify records discovered in D.C.

and Delaware because he did not have the authority to do so as vice president. Trump has defended his conduct and repeatedly defended disputed allegations that he did so.

Trump demanded Garland "immediately"

end investigations into "anything about me because I did everything right

as well as appoint a special adviser to investigate Biden who "hates Biden as much as Jack Smith" in a post on Truth Social shortly after Hoare's appointment was announced.

The Republican regularly attacked Smith and noted that

he was corrupt

and should be removed from his position as principal counsel in the case concerning classified documents. Smith is responsible for some investigations into Trump's conduct before and after the January 6 attack.

Trump said in a series that the 'Attorney General'

Jack Smith (?) is in charge of the "Get Trump" case.

Trump hates Thug and his wife is a series and Trump Hatter opens, and his friends and other family members are much worse. From posts on Truth Social on Thursday.

  • Known as "Savage Unfair,"
  • Smith is best friends with Trump's craziest haters
  • including Lisa Monaco, who runs "Injustice." Box scam is a trick.

"Shoot a man who might turn into a criminal, Jack Smith. His struggles, injustice and mental state of confusion make him completely unfit for the job of "getting Trump."

The "insanely low" sanctions imposed on

the Trump Organization for tax fraud raise questions:

"They may have spent less on lawyers."

Many people believe that the Trump Organization's $1.6 million sentence for a prolonged tax evasion scheme fell short of the level on which the company should have been punished.

Although the company run by the former president's family

was convicted on 17 criminal charges related to fraud

which led to longtime Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg being sent to prison for five months, New York Judge Juan Merchan's ability to punish the Donald Trump Organization was restricted by state law.

The Trump Organization. Journalist Vicky Ward said:

  • She was fined $1.6 million after being convicted of 17 felonies
  • including the fabrication of business records and tax fraud.
  • Under New York law, this is the maximum penalty possible.

But... What if they were human?

" Journalist Frank J. Runyon added. In terms of the crimes attributed to him, I think: Trump Company: 0 to 42 years in prison, Trump's payroll: 0-38 years.

Daniel Hemmel, a law professor at New York University, said:

A stinging rebuke of the Trump Organization

but also a scathing indictment of New York state law regarding solidarity criminal liability, which imposes insanely low caps on financial penalties."

Author Erica Verillo said: "Today's word: Shadenfrod."

AFP national security correspondent Paul Handley noted that

Trump Urg's fine is probably less than what they paid their lawyers.

Twitter user Zuck Turgidson said:

Less tax protection per year using

Personal things will be written off by Trump Org phony corp.


Trump's sister who had to resign from the bench paid the maximum penalty ever.

Trump Urg: Tax Evasion :

Trump University: Cheating, Trump Foundation:

  • Charitable Money Theft
  • Trump Hotels: Financial Crimes
  • Trump Saves America: Wire Cheating

Campaign Finance Crimes in the Trump Campaign, tweeted Billy de Starchild. God, I wonder if there is a common crime behind all these criminal entities.