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"Bloomberg": West reached a point of recklessness in his reckless attempts to defeat Putin


"Bloomberg": West reached a point of recklessness in

his reckless attempts to defeat Putin

Bloomberg said Western countries have reached a point of recklessness and taken a new reckless step, seeking to defeat and triumph over Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the author's view

it refers to the new commitments made

by the United States and its NATO allies to send combat tanks to Ukraine.

He added:

Such a desire to defeat Russia takes a dangerous

and reckless turn.

especially if we remember the deafening fiasco to which the West geopolitical games in Asia, the Middle East and Africa ended ".

The article called for a reconsideration of

the West's policy towards the Ukrainian crisis and recognition of the risk of possible escalation if NATO forces drift into direct conflict.

One simple historical lesson that

almost all nations ignore is that the authorities become more reckless, when a military escalation begins to look like the only way to peace," she said.

Putin: US forces in Germany occupying forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that

the American forces in Germany, legally and effectively, are occupying forces.

President Putin added :

The largest country in Europe the economic giant of

  • the Federal Republic of Germany
  • When the Soviet Union signed the agreement formally to
  • shut down the business. Germany, after World War II
  • as you know, was divided into 4 sectors: American, British, French, Soviet.

The Soviet Union formalized the termination of

its presence status, but the United States did not. strictly speaking, de jure and de facto, there are American occupying forces on the territory of Germany ".

The Soviet troops were in Austria

  • but they left voluntarily. Having replaced the Soviet Union
  • The Russian Federation provided the Constitution of
  • the Republic of Austria, which is also the guarantee of

the neutral status of the Republic of Austria. In general

Austrians in the general public are aware of this and appreciative of Russia's position. For other European States, the situation is complex. "

Speaking with students, Putin noted that Europe will regain sovereignty sooner or later, but it looks like it will take some time.

Putin stressed that the aim of

Russia's special military operation was to protect Russia

and its population from any threats from neighbouring territory

which is its historic territory.

The goal :

as I have said many times, is to protect people, first and foremost, from the threats that Russia itself is trying to create in our historic territory adjacent to us. We cannot allow that 

Putin continued :

Ukrainian nationalists don't count anything

they barricaded behind civilians and shoot behind their backs.

Pompeo proposes seeking :

compromise in Ukraine "accepted by Russia"

Mike Pompeo :

director of the CIA and the US secretary of state in previous periods

proposed seeking a compromise and permanent settlement of the situation in Ukraine, including acceptable conditions for Russia.

Pompeo :

who is critical of current US President Joe Biden's administration

said on an online political news show :

We must find a two-advantage solution. First

 it must be acceptable to the Russian and Ukrainian peoples.

Secondly :

a solution must be found that will continue and be permanent. 

In Pompeo's view

  • America has the capacity and potential to show its strength
  • not by soldiers, pilots or sailors. It can do so quickly
  • and with significant tangible results. 

Pompeo expressed confidence that

the conflict in Ukraine would end with a compromise.

He added: "It will be better the sooner we can achieve this."


Putin did not change the ultimate objective of

Russia's military operation in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not change the ultimate objective of Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

Stoltenberg was quoted on the NATO website as saying:

"We see no signs that President Putin has changed the ultimate objective of the war to control a neighbour... On Ukraine.. Moscow is preparing "not for peace, but for the opposite."

Russia is mobilizing more than 200 thousand troops and possibly more.

They produce new weapons, more ammunition, they increase their production, they also buy weapons from authoritarian states like Iran and North Korea, he claimed.

Russia has confirmed at the highest level that it

does not import weapons from any country

that it is the world's second exporter of weapons and that it is the world's largest producer of various types of weapons, especially missiles.