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Kevin McCarthy forms an "unbreakable" bond with Marjorie Taylor Green. "I will never leave this woman."


Kevin McCarthy forms an "unbreakable"

bond with Marjorie Taylor Green.

"I will never leave this woman."

Friends say House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) became a good friend of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) during his turbulent battle for the top job.

When the Georgian Republic first entered Congress two years ago

it was widely believed that it would be a political burden and a threat to its leadership.


Several sources told The New York Times that

McCarthy and the Georgian Republican had developed a close relationship as he fought to become president of the weak Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

I would never leave that woman, McCarthy said, according to a friend who was granted anonymity to describe their private conversation.

"I'll always take care of her.

McCarthy told the newspaper that he believed in

Green because he looked like his childhood friends from California.

If you're going to have a fight

you want Marjorie in a hole for you," McCarthy said.

When you have a fight, you will fight until the fight is over. Remind me of my friends from high school, that we will stay together all the way. 

McCarthy was already deeply influenced by Green

  • who quickly became known in the increasingly radical Republican Party.
  • McCarthy took her views on vaccine mandates
  • and war funding in Ukraine, agreeing to her call to present
  • concerning the January 6 rebellion, "the other side of the tale."

Green told the Times:

If he sticks to it, he will easily acquit me and prove that I moved the conference to the right for the first two years of my work when I served in the minority without committees.

Green seems loyal to McCarthy.

She sparked a dispute between herself and close ally Lauren Boebert once because of Boebert's insufficient loyalty to McCarthy in Green's eyes.

Boebert and Greene had a contentious disagreement in

the ladies room of the U.S. Capitol.

On January 3, the first day of the new Congress

a verbal argument broke out in the Speaker's Chamber.

  • According to the sources, politicians
  • Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who was vying
  • for the position of House Speaker.

One source familiar with the argument said:

"Green questioned Boebert's loyalty to McCarthy

and after exchanging a few words, Boebert left."

I was fine taking millions of dollars from McCarthy

but you refused to vote for him for Speaker of the House


Green said according to another source familiar with the confrontation.

According to the first report

Boebert was called out by Green for taking cash from McCarthy for his campaign while casting a no vote for McCarthy in the speaker's vote. Boebert was not aware that the Georgian Republican was in the bathroom.

That's when Lauren said, Don't be ugly

the first source said, adding that Boebert ran out like a little schoolgirl.

Boebert just said

See you later - Bye, see you later

Bye-bye," and Greene didn't comment on the incident.