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Pompeo reveals how Trump interpreted Kim as a "little rocket guy."


Pompeo reveals :

how Trump interpreted Kim as a "little rocket guy."

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not understand the meaning of the nickname "Little Rocket Man" named by his then U.S. counterpart Donald Trump, who fell on the task of explaining during their lunch.

According to Never :

Fighting for the America I Love,  written by former Secretary of State

and CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Trump began by asking Kim about a meal at the Singapore Summit on June 12, 2018, and whether he knew who the artist Elton John was.

Trump then explained that the 1972 British singer's hit song "Rocketman" inspired him to give Kim the nickname "Little Rocket Man" in 2017.

Trump said it was a great song

and he meant to refer to it as a compliment to Kim." Kim and others laughed at lunch, and the North Korean leader said: "Rocket man, okay. a little bit, not good .

In the 2016 presidential election

Trump gave many of his opponents attractive titles.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas called Lynn Ted and former Republican Governor Jeb Bush of Florida a "low energy pocket" and Hillary Clinton a "Crooked Hillary."

Trump publicly referred to Kim for the first time as

"Little Rocket Man"

a small rocket man, on Twitter in 2017, and repeated this in a speech to the UN General Assembly and throughout his presidency.

Before her

Kim had hurled numerous insults at Trump

calling him a frightened dog" and a polka dot.

Trump responded with warnings during his presidency that

persistent threats against the United States

"will be met with fire and anger as never seen before" and that his nuclear button is "much bigger and more powerful" than the North Korean button.

But later

  • the two men showed a public display of affection.

  • Kim received a cassette of the song from Trump, who also played it.

  • telling a Sunrise, Florida audience that has gathered.

Trump said he told Kim: Rocketman called you

  • I could see you, which was wonderful.
  • I could imagine you, sitting as you sit on a horse
  • sitting on a missile flying over Japan.

Trump and Kim first spoke to each other at the Singapore Summit.

discuss denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Pompeo, who was among more than 10 Republicans considering running for president in 2024

recounted what happened face to face in his book.

I watched from the conference room

and immediately noticed that my North Korean friend was wearing thick sole shoes that made him a foot shorter than President Trump," he wrote.

He continued: 

Somewhere about five feet, President Kim could not give a single leap, literally.