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Trump criticizes "facilitating" US citizenship test


Trump criticizes "facilitating" US citizenship test

Former US President Trump criticized his predecessor Joe Biden for taking steps to make US citizenship tests "easier," after changing the exam program from open questions to multiple answers.

Trump told :

When questioned about this Biden endeavor, Breitbart News stated:

I dislike making things simpler. People ought to go through a procedure, in my opinion.

I support legal migration

but what has happened in the last two years may never have happened in any country in history, "noting that" more than 12 million people may come in a very short period of time, let alone drugs, human trafficking and all the other things that come with them. "

He added:

  • We shouldn't, in my opinion, make citizenship simple.
  • We have to make citizenship responsible
  • If you become a citizen, you must be accountable.

so I disagree with him

 "considering that" Biden's termination of the Remain-in-Mexico policy is a sign that he and the Democrats hate America. "

He said:

Either they hate our country

or they're too stupid

but they're not stupid.

Look at how they run their elections!

  • They're not stupid. That indicates a strong dislike for the nation.
  • They are destroying the country. Prisons are being unloaded.
  • Some of the worst people come to our country

without being censored and absolutely undeterred.

Who wants that? How is that good in any way? "

When asked what he would do differently

when it comes to borders, compared to the present Biden government

Trump said he would be tougher

noting that the first thing I would do is significantly strengthen the border.

According to Trump, his predecessor's government had "constructed hundreds of miles of a wall of separation. 

We had the strongest borders in the country's history, and it had succeeded in stopping the drug trade and human beings. But then they (the Democrats) did not complete the construction of the wall and fill those final

gaps :

"he stressed,"

  • We had the strongest and safest borders in our country's history
  • and now we have the worst borders in
  • any country's history, even the third world states. 

CNN reported earlier this month that the Biden administration, through USCIS, was preparing to launch a pilot program in 2023 to facilitate U.S. citizenship testing.

Trump presided over the US as president from 2017 until 2021.

and at one point said that obtaining U.S.

citizenship must be high and that he criticized any facilitation in obtaining it.

Trump has taken numerous measures to prevent immigrants from acquiring U.S. citizenship and reduce the large number of immigrants allowed into the United States.

Despite this

there are many laws and regulations that allow immigrants to obtain American citizenship by applying for it and via permanent residency in the United States.


the applicable government laws must be respected and the requirements required for US citizenship must be met.