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"Every nuclear bomb like it..." North Korea poses a serious threat to the United States


"Every nuclear bomb like it..."

North Korea poses a serious threat to the United States

The North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman has confirmed that

Pyongyang will respond "strongest" to any U.S. military action, noting that the situation on the Korean peninsula has reached a "red line" due to Washington.

The representative of

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Korea noted that

the political military situation on the Korean peninsula and in the region had reached a "red line" because of the hostilities of the United States.

He added :

  • North Korea will respond most strongly to
  • any United States military attempt based on
  • the principle of nuclear bomb versus nuclear bomb
  • and comprehensive confrontation versus total confrontation.

North Korea had a clear strategy to confront the United States and its allies.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that

his country was not interested in dialogue with the United States as long as Washington pursued a "hostile policy."

would reduce the threat of nuclear conflict in

the region and enhance stability and security for all countries concerned.

One of the most notable recent developments in North Korea's nuclear program was the meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump in 2018.

The meeting was the first-ever direct talks between

the two countries' leaders and strengthened hopes for

a breakthrough in the protracted nuclear impasse.


  1. subsequent negotiations between
  2. the two sides collapsed
  3. and the situation has since remained largely unchanged.

In addition to the United States

other countries

such as China, Russia and South Korea

have also played a role in efforts to resolve North Korea's nuclear issue.

They sought to engage with North Korea in diplomatic talks and supported international sanctions in an effort to pressure the country to abandon its nuclear programme.

Despite these efforts

North Korea's nuclear programme remains a major challenge

for the international community.

North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons could destabilize the entire region

and there is a high risk that the country will use such weapons in conflict.

As such :

  • it is important that the international community continue to
  • work towards a solution of this issue
  • through diplomatic, economic sanctions
  • and other means, in order to prevent a nuclear disaster.

In conclusion

  • and persistent issue that poses a major threat to
  • international peace and security.

The international community has to keep cooperating to

address this issue and find a peaceful solution, in order to prevent a nuclear conflict and promote stability in the region.