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A new executive order is signed by President Biden. It's a major event.


A new executive order is signed by President Biden. It's a major event.

President Biden recently drew much attention after signing an executive order seeking to address systemic racism and racial inequality within the government.

Called "Further Advancing Racial Equality

and Supporting Underprivileged Communities through the Federal Government"

its main objective is to take a closer

and more introspective look at the racist tones that plague

the United States Government as it stands today at the top of its vast history of racial bias. It also hopes to address the issues mentioned in the structure in order to increase access to government programs for marginalized and/or discriminated groups.

Moreover :

  • it also requires federal agencies to take a serious
  • look at their programs and increase their activity
  • and engagement with the communities they serve.

The goal is to :

put fairness at the heart of how this government operates

according to Vice President Biden's aide to racial justice and equity, Shirag Baines. He also added that the order was "a recognition that justice is not a one-year or two-year project" but instead a "generation obligation."

By promoting equality :

All Americans can be helped and empowered by the federal government.

including many communities in America that have suffered from a lack of services and are discriminated against and negatively affected by persistent poverty and inequality," Biden wrote.

This makes President Biden's third major action on racial justice

following an order that sought to provide adequate funding to historically black colleges and universities and indigenous tribes, as well as amnesty for minor marijuana offenses.

Derek Johnson, the NAACP's president and CEO

took to Twitter to praise Biden's order, writing:

President Biden is taking today another step to promote racial equality

by signing a new executive order that invests in disadvantaged communities, addressing civil rights and improving economic opportunities in rural and urban communities. This is a big deal. "

Although some remain sceptical that it will lead to any long-term change

it remains to be seen whether the desired outcome will bear fruit. For now

many hope it will lead to much-needed change, especially within the federal government, and wait to see how far the new system will go in terms of helping disadvantaged Americans.