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Trump vows sexual coup against Biden


Trump vows sexual coup against Biden

Former US President Donald Trump has pledged to target medical staff providing care for transgender children if he is re-elected president in 2024.

In a video posted on his social media platform Truth Social

Trump said

"On the first day I will abolish Joe Biden's harsh policies that offer

so-called gender affirmation sponsorship.


  • Operation involves giving children puberty blockers
  • modulating their physical appearance
  • and eventually performing surgery on underage children.

Do you believe that? 

He explained how he would use federal authorities to target transgender rights

saying :

  • I will sign a new executive order directing every federal agency to
  • gender and gender transition at any age.

I will then ask Congress to

permanently stop using federal taxpayer dollars to promote or pay for these actions. The passage of a federal law in all 50 states prohibiting sexual mutilation of children .

Trump said he would also pass legislation ordering

  • the Justice Department to investigate the pharmaceutical industry
  • and hospitals to see if they "deliberately cover up
  • the horrific long-term side effects of

transgenderism for the sake of affluence.

He also promised to cut off doctors from Medicare and Medicaid programmes if they treat people with hormones or surgery.

He stressed that under his administration

  • the Ministry of Education would impose "serious consequences"
  • on any teacher or school official "who suggested to
  • the child that he could be in the wrong body

and a new "teachers' accreditation body"

would be established to teach ethnic history.

His Department would

"promote positive education about the family, the roles of mothers and fathers and celebrate things that make men and women different rather than erase them".

Caring for transgender children:

a guide for parents and caregivers


  • Understanding children's gender identity
  • The importance of accepting and supporting transgender children
  • Respect for the child's gender identity

Using their preferred name and pronouns

  • Allow self-expression through clothing and interests
  • Provision of medical and psychological support

Treatment to help address experiences and emotions

  • Hormonal and surgical interventions
  • Cooperation with children, caregivers and medical professionals
  • Protection against discrimination

Self-education and others on transgender issues

  1. Reporting incidents of discrimination
  2. Seek legal support where necessary
  3. Building a supportive society

Communicating with other families with transgender children

Participation in advocacy organizations

Promoting acceptance and understanding in the wider society


The importance of respect, support and advocacy

Provide a safe and acceptable environment for transgender children

Nurturing and celebrating their unique identities

Caring for transgender children requires a commitment to respect

understanding and support.

By respecting a child's gender identity

providing access to medical and psychological support, protecting against discrimination, and building a supportive society, transgender children can grow into confident individuals.

It is the responsibility of all carers to

create a safe and acceptable environment that celebrates their unique identities.