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The United States... Deputy Marjorie seeking "national divorce"


The United States... Deputy Marjorie seeking "national divorce"

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green called for a "national divorce", arguing that the time had come to divide the country on political grounds because differences between Republican states and democracy were unresolvable.

We need a national divorce..

from the sick and disgusting issues of the culture of vigilance imposed on us to America '

After her tweet caused uproar, Greene explained that "national divorce does not mean civil war", arguing that President Joe Biden is leading the country "to World War III."

She added :

People are tired of left-wing madness and the catastrophe of

America's recent policies. A country breaking up is not a civil war.

but Biden and new conservatives lead us into World War III, while forcing our children to take into account the environment, society, governance and gender confusion. "

In a third tweet about Biden's visit to Ukraine

she wrote:

Sack Biden or give us national divorce.

We do not pay taxes to finance the wars of a foreign country that is not even a NATO ally.

We do not send our sons and daughters to die for external borders and foreign "democracy". America is broken. Criminals and cartels prevail. And you're an idiot ".

Marjorie is a name that can refer to many individuals

so to provide a meaningful answer

it is important to clarify which marjorie is referred to.

However :

as a language model

I do not have access to information beyond what I have been trained for, so I cannot identify the specific marjorie that has been referred to without additional information.

However :

there have been many outstanding individuals throughout history

who have achieved great things under the name Marjorie.

Some of the most significant achievements attributed to

Marjorie include advances in science, technology, arts and civil rights.

For example :

  • Marjorie Lee Brown was a prominent mathematician
  • Has contributed significantly to the study of
  • compulsory topology.

She became the third African American woman to earn a PhD in mathematics

and became a professor at the Central University of North Carolina, where she helped establish the Mathematics Department.

Marjorie Joyner was an inventor

and aesthetician who created the Permanent Wave Machine

  • a revolutionary hairdressing tool that changed the beauty industry.
  • Her invention not only revolutionized
  • the way women style their hair, but also helped create jobs
  • for black women in the twentieth century.

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas was an environmental activist

who fought to preserve the Florida Everglades.

She is best known for her book The Everglades:

River of Grass :

which drew the public's attention to the importance of preserving this unique ecosystem. Its efforts have been instrumental in the creation of the Everglades National Park and its legacy continues to inspire today's environmentalists.

Marjorie Liu is a prolific writer and author of

  • a comic book honored for her contributions to science fiction
  • including the Hugo, Nebula and Eisner Awards

and is known for creating diverse

and complex characters that challenge traditional stereotypes.

These are just a few examples of

the many remarkable achievements attributed to individuals called Marjorie.

From science to civil rights

literature to technology, Margoris has throughout history made significant contributions to their respective fields and has made a lasting impact on the world.