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In the footsteps of Biden, a "false" story from Kamala Harris' childhood sparks anger!


"In the footsteps of Biden years ago..."

A "false" :

story from Kamala Harris' childhood provokes outrage!

Members of the United States Congress and journalists criticized Vice President Kamala Harris after a video went viral of her sharing a suspicious story from her childhood, during which she attacked right-wing people.

Growing up learning :

At the time, we termed it ecology:

some of us who were born at the time knew what I was saying, and we talked about it in the context of environmental conservation," Harris told the audience on Tuesday in Colorado during a climate policy debate.

She added:

I'm actually going to share a very simple story with you

This is that one day when I returned home, I stated

well :

why are the Tories so bad, Mom? We were meant to keep things, I thought.

Political critics were quick to note that

the Vice President had a history of telling false stories just like Biden.

Right :

wing radio presenter Dana Loesch said in a tweet that "never happened."

Steve Guest, Special Adviser on Communications to Senator Ted Cruz, added: "I'll take a phrase, things that never happened for $1,000."

I bet Kamala :

and Joe sit around the fire and compare the enormous.

Former spokeswoman for Representative Elise Stefanik and 2022 congressional candidate from New Hampshire mocked Kamala

who said:

It would be wise for her team to keep her away from

the camera and the microphone. forever .

For years :

Harris appeared to steal a tale from Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where she recounted being separated from her parents during a civil rights march in Oakland, California.

Harris told Elle magazine in October 2020

an almost identical story told by the renowned civil rights leader in a 1965 interview with Playboy magazine, where he remembers a young black girl confronting a white police officer in Birmingham, Alabama.

Kamala Harris is a woman who has broken down

many barriers in her life and career.

From being the first black woman, and the first South Asian woman to become

the vice president of the United States, to being a U.S. senator

California attorney general, and San Francisco district attorney, Harris accomplished much in her career in public service. Some of its outstanding achievements are as follows:

Historic Vice-President:

In January 2021, Kamala Harris made history when she was sworn in

being the first female and black lady

is the first South Asian woman to serve as vice president of the United States.

This was an important achievement for women and people of color, breaking down one of the highest glass ceilings in American politics.

Criminal justice reform:

  • As California's attorney general
  • Criminal justice reform is one of Harris' priorities.
  • her top priorities. It created a program that provides non-violent

and low-level criminals with the opportunity to complete training

and career education programmes instead of serving a prison sentence. It has also worked to reduce the number of wrongful convictions by implementing new protocols to deal with evidence.

Protection of women and children:

As a senator, Harris defended legislation aimed at protecting women

and children from abuse and exploitation.

It authored the Backlog Elimination Act

which allocated funds to reduce the backlog of untested rape kits in the United States.

It also introduced the Domestic Workers' Rights Bill, which aims to protect the rights of domestic workers and improve their working conditions.

Health care reform:

Harris was a strong advocate for health care reform.

As a senator, she co-sponsored the Medicare for All Act

which aims to create a national health care system that would provide coverage for all Americans. I also struggled to protect the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicaid.

Immigration reform:

Harris was an outspoken advocate for immigration reform.

She worked to protect Dreamers

illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children, and fought against Trump administration policies that separated families at the border. It also called for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Environmental protection:

  • Harris was a strong advocate for environmental protection.
  • As a senator, she co-sponsored the Green New Deal, which aims to
  • combat climate change and create jobs in the renewable energy sector.

In conclusion :

Kamala Harris accomplished much in her career

breaking down barriers and fighting for social justice and equality.

As Vice President :

she remains a role model for women and people of color around the world, and her achievements serve as an inspiration for all those who strive to make a positive impact in the world.