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First Lady Jill Biden reveals her husband's 2024 plans


First Lady Jill Biden reveals her husband's 2024 plans

First Lady Jill Biden told the AP that President Joe Biden is preparing to announce his candidacy for re-election, helping allay fears that her husband could step down in 2024.

"He says he's not done," the First Lady said during her five-day trip to Africa. "He didn't finish what he started. That is what is important. "

How many times should he tell you to believe it?  She told reporters.

The announcement, according to close associates of the president, is expected in April, after the end of the first quarter of fundraising.

When asked whether she had assisted her husband's decision-making, the First Lady chose to ignore the query.

Joe Biden has not declared that he will run for office once more.

but given how heated the race is

this is likely to happen soon. The GOP frontrunner is former President Donald Trump, who was defeated by Joe Biden in the tumultuous 2020 election.

After two years of leading the nation beyond

the COVID pandemic :

  • putting an end to the US war in Afghanistan
  • and mobilising Western nations against Russia's invasion of Ukraine
  • Biden is expected to record his heavy political record.

However, during the election campaign, concerns about his age and the Republic's persistent claims that he is mentally unfit are likely to be an important topic.

With regard to his advanced age and any potential difficulties

Biden was under intense scrutiny.

He is the oldest president in history at 80 years old and, according to numerous polls

Democratic voters want him to step down so that a younger candidate can be nominated in 2024. As president, Biden has achieved a number of things, including ending Covid-19 and the pandemic, the first new federal gun control laws passed in decades.

He attributes this to the fact that Democrats did surprisingly well in the midterm elections.

Other achievements include the signing of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Despite this

Biden has struggled :

with poor approval ratings for much of his presidency.

According to FiveThirtyEight :

he has 43. 2% is several points lower than former President Bill Clinton at this point in his first term and only 0.6 percentage points higher than former President Donald Trump in the same period as his presidency.

Although there is no clear relationship between the president

and the allegations surrounding Hunter Biden

the president has recently been plagued by a special counsel investigation into his possible handling of classified documents as well as a federal investigation into financial crimes and possible weapons involving his son.

President Biden has not submitted any paperwork to

  • the Federal Election Commission to begin fundraising for 2024
  • and has not said when he might start his re-election campaign

Since his first official press conference at the White House in March 2021

when he told reporters, "My plan is to run for re-election," the president and government officials regularly said he planned to compete for re-election.