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Sharon's heat is ravaging southern Europe.


Sharon's heat is ravaging southern Europe.

Italy announced a high alert due to :

  • hot weather in 16 cities on Sunday
  • with meteorologists warning of rising temperatures to
  • record highs in southern Europe over the coming days.

Authorities on the Spanish island of La Palma had reported that they had evacuated at least 4 thousand people after a bushfire broke out of control.

Greece, Italy and Spain have been experiencing high temperatures for several days, damaging agricultural crops and upsetting tourists who are looking for a place to stay underneath from the sun.

In parallel :

a new heat storm called "Sharon" hit the region from North Africa on Sunday, which could raise temperatures to more than 45 degrees Celsius in parts of Italy this week.

For its part :

the Italian Weather News Service warned Meteo.

"We have to prepare for a severe heat storm that will cover the entire country day by day," he said on Sunday, noting that "in some places, record temperatures recorded in the past will break."

Similar to the Italian capital, health alerts were also issued in the central cities of Florence and Palermo in Sicily and Barry in southeastern Italy.

On Friday :

  1. Greece closed
  2. the archaeological site "Acropolis"
  3. to protect tourists from high temperatures.

A scorching heatwave from the desert. Europe's heat rises

The reverse cyclone "Kharon" 

  • which is approaching Europe from the Sahara
  • threatens the continent's nations with record temperatures of

Sardinia's temperature by Wednesday could rise to nearly 50 degrees Celsius. On Wednesday, Italy's Ministry of Health will issue an emergency heat warning that will include the country's 23 largest cities.

High temperatures have been recorded in Athens, Rome and Madrid, and there is a risk of fires in European countries due to strong winds.

In the vicinity of Athens : 

a fire destroyed a number of homes

and in one of Spain's Canary Islands

Palma Island :

more than 4 thousand people were forced to

evacuate due to widespread fires.

Bloomberg noted that the last temperature record was set in Europe in 2021

when the temperature reached 48.8 degrees on the island of Sicily.

Extreme weather events in the northern hemisphere have become more frequent.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

noted that extreme weather is likely to become the

"new normal", according to the Agency.

A heatwave is currently sweeping Europe

  • with temperatures setting records in many countries.
  • The heatwave triggered wildfires in France, Spain and Portugal
  • and caused many deaths. The heatwave is expected to

last until the end of the week

and is likely to cause more problems across Europe.

Scientists believe that this heatwave is linked to climate change.

  • Climate change is causing global temperatures to rise
  • making heatwaves more common and intense.
  • It is important to stay safe during heatwaves
  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight and drink a lot of fluids.

In one day... 

ire consumes an area equivalent to about 6,500

football fields on the Spanish island of La Palma

Authorities on the Spanish Canary island of

La Palma evacuated more than 4,250 people

as wildfires began on Saturday continued to spread.

The fire :

which approached the town of Pontagorda in the northwest of the island

engulfed nearly 4,700 hectares :

according to state television station RTV on Sunday

and at least 11 homes were completely consumed by fire according to authorities.

The evacuees came from Puntagorda

and the neighbouring town of Tijaravi.

Some 300 firefighters supported by 11 aircraft and helicopters struggled to control the blaze, which lasted an area of about 6,500 football fields in one day.

Today brought a favourable change in weather conditions with low temperatures and high humidity that can help in the firefighting process.