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After the Quran.. Sweden agrees to burn copy of Torah and Israel suspends


After the Quran..

Sweden agrees to burn copy of Torah and Israel suspends

Swedish police on Friday :

approved a Swedish citizen's request to burn

the Torah tomorrow in front of

the Israeli embassy in Stockholm, two and a half weeks later, to allow another activist to burn a Quran in front of the capital's mosque.

According to Hebrew channel :

"INEWS24" :

  • it is not yet clear who the man wanted to set the Torah on fire
  • but he also seems to want to do so to
  • challenge Sweden's commitment to the principle of

freedom of expression :

which led it to also agree to burn a copy of the Koran.

Sweden: A request has been made for

a Torah burning outside the US Embassy

According to the channel :

Sweden's Muslim and Jewish leaders put pressure behind the scenes on that man to refrain from burning the Torah, but they have not yet succeeded.

The Israeli Minister for Diaspora and Anti-Semitism

  • Omhai Shukle, sent a letter last week to
  • Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Christerson requesting him to
  • order the prevention of the burning of the Bible of

the "Torah" Jews :

but his Government had not intervened in the case.

Today :

Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog condemned Sweden's decision to

allow the burning of the Bible and said:

  • I categorically condemn the permission granted in Sweden
  • for the burning of scriptures. As Head of State of Israel
  • I condemned the burning of the Koran

the Holy Koran of Muslims around the world, and I am now sad that fate itself awaits the Jewish Bible, the eternal book of the Jewish people. "

Allowing defamation of sacred texts is not an exercise of

freedom of expression, it is a flagrant incitement and an act of pure hatred. The whole world must unite in clearly condemning this abhorrent act .

Last Wednesday :

  • the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted
  • a controversial resolution on religious hatred against
  • the backdrop of the recent crime of burning the Holy Koran in Sweden.

The resolution :

 submitted by Pakistan on behalf of :

the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

  • calls on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to
  • publish a report on religious hatred to States
  • to review their laws and fill gaps that

may impede prevention, prosecute acts and advocate religious hatred.

The United States :

and the European Union strongly opposed the resolution

saying that it :

contradicted their view on human rights 

and freedom of expression. While condemning the Holocaust, they said that the OIC initiative aimed to protect religious symbols rather than human rights.

Earlier :

an Iraqi immigrant in Sweden burned the Koran outside a mosque in Stockholm, sparking outrage throughout the Muslim world and calling on Islamic countries to act.