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An American magazine identifies the most dangerous Russian weapons: "a formidable exceptional force"


An American Magazine Identifying

the Most Dangerous Russian Weapons:

"A Tremendous Extraordinary Force"

The US Military Watch magazine said that the fifth-generation Russian fighter "Su-57" is considered the most dangerous aircraft in the Russian air force and enjoys a "tremendous extraordinary power."

In her article

the magazine added :

"Its most valuable qualities and characteristics

are its exceptional ability to manoeuvre.

It is equipped with very powerful :

  • R-77M and R-37M air-to-air missiles. In addition
  • this fighter can carry a wide range of different categories of
  • winged missiles and in the near future will carry hypersonic missiles ".

The article :

  • noted that the Russian army was actively
  • and effectively using these modern fighters during

As a global superpower :

Russia has a huge and diverse military arsenal.

These weapons include a wide range of missiles

aircraft :

 ships and tanks, as well as nuclear weapons.

Recently :

  1. Russia has developed
  2. a number of
  3. new weapons

which are described as "a tremendous extraordinary force.

One such weapon is the intercontinental "Sarmat" missile.

The Sarmat is the world's most powerful ballistic missile

with a range of 18 thousand kilometres and a nuclear payload

of 100 megatons.

The Sarmat missile can hit any target in the world

making it a very dangerous weapon.

Another new Russian weapon is the "Su-57" ghost fighter jet.

The Su-57 is characterized by its ghostly design which makes it difficult to detect by radar. It is also armed with a variety of weapons, including missiles

  • and air-to-air bombs. The Su-57 is one of
  • the world's most advanced fighter jets
  • and is a serious threat to any military force.

In addition to missiles and aircraft :

Russia also has a number of other weapons that

are considered extremely dangerous.

For example :

Russia has an "S-400" missile defense system

which is one of the most advanced air defence systems in the world.

The S-400 :

system can intercept ballistic missiles

and fighter jets :

making it a very important weapon in protecting Russia from attack.

Russia also has a number of nuclear weapons :

  • including intercontinental missiles and nuclear bombs.
  • Russian nuclear weapons are one of the most powerful in the world
  • and can cause enormous destruction.

Russia's armament is of

great concern to Western Powers.

  • and has the potential to cause serious damage to any country that attacks it.
  • Russian nuclear weapons are the most dangerous

as they can lead to a global nuclear war.

It is important to remember that :

Russia is a responsible State :

and that it will only use its weapons to defend itself.

However :

it is also important that Western countries be aware of

Russian military capabilities :

and work to build good relations with Russia in order to

prevent the outbreak of any conflict.