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US Intelligence Officer: Discovery of Remains of Non-Ground Creatures at Unidentified Object Crash Sites


US Intelligence Officer: Discovery of

Remains of Non-Ground :

Creatures at Unidentified Object Crash Sites :

David Grosch, a former commander of the U.S. Intelligence Service

confirmed during a congressional hearing that

"remains of non-human pilots"

had been discovered at unidentified UFO crash sites.

During the hearing, three witnesses :

  • in addition to Groch, Ryan Grieves
  • former commander of the United States Navy
  • and retired Navy Commander David Fravor

were heard about "anonymous anomalies", also known as UFOs.

At the hearing :

a congressman asked whether the Government had communicated

with outer space objects

so that Groch would reply :

"I can't go into this with a public situation,"

she goes beyond a question about the former

and continues to question:

"If you believe that we were able to obtain the wreckage of the aircraft that had fallen (i.e. the unidentified aircraft), do we have the bodies of any of the pilots who drove those aircraft?"

"As I mentioned earlier in public statements in an interview with News Nashin"

  1. some biological material was recovered from
  2. the crash sites of these vehicles
  3. Grosch replied.

The congressman replied:

 "Was it human or non-human?"

To answer :

It was non-human :

and this was an assessment by the people who work within the (government) programme and are still working in it until now," noting that he knew "many colleagues who were physically injured by the activity of unidentified

UAP weather events and people within the government

but declined to share further details.

He confirmed that "

"non-human biological material"

had been found at the UAP crash sites.

For his part :

Grieves said he was stationed at the Oceana Naval Air Station

  1. Virginia
  2. in 2018
  3. when his team began

"discovering unknown objects operating in our airspace."

He reported that

during a training mission off the coast of Virginia :

two aircraft were separated by an unidentified object

"a dark or black gray cube inside a clear ball"

indicating that the mission commander had immediately terminated the flight, and that the squadron had reported but that "there was no official acknowledgement of the incident".

These scenes are not rare or isolated :

they are routine, parts of our government have become more aware about UAP

but excessive classifications keep important information hidden

 he added :

  • noting that there is a stigma attached to anonymous anomalies
  • a stigma that silences pilots who fear professional repercussions
  • and discourages witnesses.

Officer's testimony:

Body as a "mint pill" shush on the U.S.

Navy shaved away.. 

The U.S.

House of Representatives heard testimony from three witnesses about "anonymous anomalies", also known as UFOs, and a retired Navy commander said he saw a "mystery object" in 2004.

The retired commander of :

  • the United States Navy spoke of a UFO
  • that his team interacted with during a training mission in
  • November 2004, when he was commander of the Strike Fighter Squadron.

We saw a small object when we arrived :

and we were told that it had been seen over two weeks before

he said :

stating that "that body was staying for hours

before flying for 80 thousand feet.

We watched the body on

the radar screen and the sky was clear at the time

and we even saw strange white water on the side of our vehicle. 

He added :

That body was small, moving over water without fans or wings.

We reached his proximity at a 90 degree angle

and suddenly :

he changed direction and started to climb upwards :

we moved at a 270 degree angle and at that moment the height of

the body was about 15 thousand feet

and when we approached him about a mile

he rushed to fly :

and when we came back to look at the white water

we found it had also disappeared.

Fravor confirmed that the small object flew away and "became 60 miles away within a minute, which gives you an idea of its speed", revealing that "the object also carried out a jamming operation on the radar devices of the vehicle on board."

This tac tac-like thing :

was far more advanced than anything we had at the time

or we have today or are looking to develop in the next 10 years.

This body was white and smooth

  1. windowless, "noting that"
  2. we shot the video
  3. in which you can see two small objects coming from below. 

"This incident was not investigated and crew testimony was not taken," he added, stating that "in 2009 I was contacted when there was an investigation into a similar phenomenon."

Everything we want to know is where these dishes came from.

And what do you want?

We believe that these objects are not

from this world and threaten our national security

He continued :

  1. As you know
  2. I am not an UFO fanatic
  3. but I will tell you that what we have seen is still incomparable.

It is an incredible technique .

He stressed that  :

"what we have experienced and seen goes far beyond the science of materials and capabilities that we had at the time, which we now have or will have in the next 10 to 20 years."