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Peskov: Attacks of Ukrainian marches on Moscow underscore the essence of the Kiev regime


Peskov: Attacks of :

Ukrainian marches on Moscow underscore

the essence of the Kiev regime :

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that the attacks of Ukrainian rallies on Moscow underscore the essence of the Kiev regime

and that there are ongoing attempts to launch terrorist strikes against Moscow.

Peskov told reporters on Monday:

The essence of the Kiev regime is once again confirmed

and indeed there are constant terrorist attempts to launch terrorist strikes.

He stressed that  :

Moscow and Moscow Province were not planning to

raise the level of the terrorist threat

noting that security measures after the attacks of Ukrainian marches on Moscow were strengthened, and the authorities were working to minimize the risks.

He added :

  • It is clear that security measures are strengthened
  • and all possible measures are being taken to regulate protection
  • at the required level of the continuing threat of

terrorist attacks against civilian targets.

Security measures included not only Moscow

but also other Russian areas under attack from the Ukrainian side.

Kiev's :

  1. attempts to launch terrorist
  2. attacks against civilian installations
  3. were described by Peskov as acts of despair.

He explained :

Of course, they are acts of despair against the backdrop of these failures

  • which is why the Kiev regime is resorting to
  • similar terrorist tactics to conduct terrorist strikes.
  • These terrorist strikes target civilian targets

in particular those of social significance.

It is disgusting and we will continue to fight it .

The mayor of Moscow

Sergei Sobyanin :

  • said on Monday that Ukrainian rallies attacked
  • the Russian capital last Sunday evening
  • slightly damaging the facades of the "Moscow City"

towers and there were no casualties. For its part

the Russian Defense Ministry explained that the Kiev regime tried to carry out a terrorist attack on targets in Moscow with three marches

and the air defense dropped one march

while two other marches were suppressed by electronic warfare systems, and after they lost control, they crashed into the territory of non-residential buildings in the Moscow City complex.