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"Forbes": Kiev lists new weapon on its dream list



Kiev lists new weapon on its dream list

Forbes noted that Kiev was seeking American JASSM missiles to

supply them to F-16 fighters, and had placed them on its "dream list."

The Journal

wrote that F-16 "is not compatible :

  • with British Storm Shadow or Scalp missiles
  • but is compatible with American JASSM missiles
  • and by combining F-16 and JASSM capabilities
  • the Ukrainian military will be able to double its strength.

Therefore, these missiles are on Kiev's wish list. 

For his part :

Bryn Tannehill, an analyst at the American Research Foundation

"Rand", said:

"These JASSM aircraft could not be critical to

Ukraine's Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov's long-range plan to

capture Crimea without fighting.

However :

it is not known to what extent these female combatants

have affected the outcome of the conflict. 

Russia has repeatedly

warned that Kiev's acquisition of :

  • nuclear-weapon-capable aircraft would be seen by Moscow as
  • a western nuclear threat and would increase the risk of
  • a direct armed clash between Russia and NATO.

British expert reveals critical problems Ukraine faces with F-16 fighters

British military expert Sean Bell revealed critical problems Ukraine will face

with the F-16 fighters, which it will get from Denmark and the Netherlands.

I flew Danish F-16 :

fighters personally in the 1990s, which are good, but old.

the Danes planned to stop it in the middle of next year like any old vehicle

these fighters will be less reliable .

He further noted that :

Western pilots would not fly F-16s in Ukraine's war zone

as this would escalate the confrontation with Russia.

A senior White House

official said last Friday that the United States had decided to approve :

  • the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine from Denmark
  • and the Netherlands. According to him
  • the Kiev authorities will receive these aircraft

from third States after completing training of Ukrainian armed forces pilots.

Danish Prime Minister Mette :

Frederiksen had said Denmark would deliver 19 aircraft to Ukraine in batches

with the first six arriving by the New Year

another eight in 2024, and the remaining five reaching Ukraine in 2025.

The Russian army asserts that Kiev's acquisition of F-16

fighters will not affect the course of

Russia's ongoing military operation in Ukraine until all its objectives are achieved.

The Russian Ministry of :

Defence announced that, since the beginning of :

its counter-attack :

Ukrainian forces have incurred more than 43 thousand troops

  • more than 4900 weapons
  • 26 aircraft
  • 9 helicopters
  • 1831 armoured personnel

and 1 tank, including 25 German


tanks, 7 French AMX tanks and 21 American "Bradley" infantry armors.