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After a disappointing investigation.. Zelensky dismisses all heads of regional recruitment divisions


After a disappointing investigation..

Zelensky dismisses :

all heads of regional recruitment divisions :

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed the Ukrainian Security

Council's decision to exempt all heads of

the territorial recruitment people from their posts.

According to a statement published on :

  • Thursday on the website of the Zelensky office
  • pursuant to the decision of the National Security
  • and Defence Council of

Ukraine of :

11 August 2023 "on the results of the inspection of

regional recruitment centres" this decree shall enter

into force from the date of its publication. "

Earlier :

the head of Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Agency

Oleksandr Novikov :

said that the country had begun examining the heads of

military recruitment offices at all levels to investigate and detect corruption.

Ukraine's President

described the preliminary results of the audit as disappointing.

The State Bureau of :

Investigation of Ukraine reported that it

was investigating more than 110 cases against employees of

military registration and recruitment offices on suspicion of violations.

The investigation of the military commissioners began after a series of

corruption scandals 

and the Odessa Military Commissioner Yevgeny Borisov was arrested.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda :

during the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Borissov obtained a villa

an office and several million dollars' worth of cars on the Spanish coast.

New corruption scandal :

at Ukraine's Ministry of Defense :

Media outlets revealed a new corruption scandal at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry where contracts for the purchase of vests were signed for the armed forces but at a fairytale price exceeded the real price three times.

According to media reports, in autumn 2022, the Ukrainian Military Service signed a contract with a Turkish company to supply winter clothing to Ukrainian troops.

According to the attached documents :

  • 4,900 jackets with a total value of $142,000
  • were supposed to be delivered to Ukraine in one instalment
  • but ultimately the price proved to be $421,000.

According to reports  :

the supplier's company was not in fact Turkish

but owned by Ukraine's Roman Pletnev

and investigations into the fact of these purchases were opened in Kiev.

According to the Court's report

after investigations :

winter wind-resistant clothing provided to the Ukrainian army :

"did not meet the technical requirements of the contract"

. According to the results of the examination

it was found that these clothing could not be used for their intended purpose.

It also noted that the Department of :

Defense had purchased helmets for the military three times more

expensive than their value, classified as American

but in fact had a lower level of presumed protection.

For its part :

Ukrainskaya Pravda, citing government sources

reported on Thursday that President Vladimir Zelensky

was looking for an alternative to Defence Minister Alexei Reznikov.

Ukraine's Ministry of  :

Defence had seen several corruption-related

scandals last February. The media reported that

the Minister of Defence could be dismissed, but that did not happen at the time.