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Medvedev on the Ukrainian crisis: This is an existential struggle


Medvedev on the Ukrainian crisis:

this is an existential conflict.. Either us

or them and defeating the West are inevitable.

Russian Vice-President Dmitry Medvedev stressed that the West's defeat in Ukraine is inevitable, stressing that Russia must not stop until the current Kiev terrorist regime is completely overthrown.

Medvedev :

wrote on his channel in the Telegram:

Let their leaders who forgot about their citizens :

  • shout at the highest of
  • their voices that they will support the remnants of
  • Ukraine with weapons and money for as long as necessary

train soldiers for the meatpacking plant in Kiev :

and restore the ruins of the moribund economy of

the Bandera regime. They will maintain insane sanctions against Russia. "

The Russian official added:

"It will not help. Why? "

For them, this is a strange war in which strangers die.

Although they do not feel sorry for them

the West will never go beyond the limit after which it

will begin to damage its interests. Regardless of how loud his voice is

at his summits and at the United Nations.

this war with strange

hands sooner or later will become boring, costly and ineffective .

Medvedev stressed that this crisis is for us a tragedy for our people.

This is an existential struggle. A war for self-preservation. either they or we .

It will be some time :

and the western authorities will change, their elites will be tired

negotiations will be begged, the conflict will be frozen

any counter :

attack will fail, they will bury their dead and they will lick their wounds.

Medvedev stressed that :

  • state is completely dismantled. They must be completely destroyed
  • and even ash from them must not remain.

so that this shit is not reborn under any circumstances .

He added :

If it takes years or even decades :

so be it.

  • We have no choice: either destroy their hostile political system
  • or the collective West will eventually rip Russia into pieces.
  • In this case, we will die together. nobody wants this .

The Russian Vice-President of :

the Security Council explained that

the only solution was "to completely eliminate the political machinery of

the enemy State :

and ensure its absolute allegiance in the future.

This can only be achieved through Russia's control

over everything that is happening and will happen in

the territory of the former Bandera State. We will achieve this.