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Biden begins his election campaign with a “Hollywood” video about his trip to Kiev


In the way of the heroes of the American West.

Biden begins his campaign with a video

"Hollywood" about his trip to Kiev :

The US president, Joe Biden, released a campaign video about his trip to

Kyiv amid "sirens" and "the quiet power of the real leader."

The broadcaster said:

  1. For the first time in modern history.
  2. a very important moment on the world scene
  3. an American President travelled to

a military zone not controlled by the United States .

In a one-minute video :

voters were reminded that the trip lasted 40 hours, including nine and a half hours at night by train to Kyiv, where Biden met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

The sirens were warned of airstrikes as the two men walked together :

(Biden and Zelensky)

In the middle of the military business zone

Joe Biden showed the world, from what America made. 

his is the quiet power of the real leader .

The Biden administration has used that trip more than once

as evidence of his eligibility for a second term, despite being over 80 years old.

Biden visited Kiev :

  • for the only time during the dispute in February
  • as did many Western leaders, after he had informed
  • the Russian side in advance of details of the trip.

Poll reveals Americans' low confidence in Biden

and opposition to being elected to a second presidential term

According to a CNN and SSRS poll

more than half of Americans consider US

President Joe Biden's policies to be worsening the economic situation in the US.

According to the survey :

the rate of support for Biden's actions is only 39%

and 58% of those surveyed consider his policies to have led to

a deterioration in the country's economic situation, an increase of 8% over last fall.

The network added that 70% of respondents considered that :

"things in the country are going badly", and 51% of respondents said

the government should make more efforts to

solve problems within the United States.

According to the poll

  • a low number of Americans (28%)
  • respondents, down 6% from March, believed
  • Biden had enough power and "intelligence"
  • to carry out the president's duties effectively.

Another Wall Street Journal poll revealed that a majority of

voters consider President Joe Biden too old to be re-elected to

a new presidential term.

Franklin Feuer wrote in his latest book:

His advanced years were an obstacle

depriving him of the energy to attend a strong public

or the ability to easily conjure a name.

It was remarkable that :

very few morning meetings were held

or very few public events were chaired before 10 a.m.

his public personality reflected physical deterioration

and poor mental abilities over time, which no diet or exercise could help .