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Putin points to "alarming" supply of Western arms to Ukraine


Putin points to :

"alarming" supply of Western arms to Ukraine :

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine's supply of

new weapons, including cluster munitions, depleted uranium munitions

and F-16 fighters, would not change the situation on the front.

Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum

the Russian President added:

Will this change anything?

I don't think so I'm sure the situation won't change. Will it continue?

Yes, and it will be prolonged, but I am concerned that there are no restrictions on it.

Until recently

the United States administration believed that the use of

cluster munitions was a war crime, and I have spoken publicly about it.

But now it itself is sending cluster munitions to Ukraine for use in the combat zone.

In the Russian President's view

  • the electoral process will begin in the United States in November
  • and they need to show at least some results at all costs
  • and they are pushing the Ukrainians to continue hostilities.

Russian presidential :

spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the decision of :

the United States to supply Kiev

with depleted uranium missiles as "very bad news"

noting that the use of its counterparts

by NATO forces in Yugoslavia had very sad consequences

even recorded by international organizations, including increased cancer suffering.


Ukraine has lost 71.5 thousand military

since counter-attack began with no results

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that during its counter-attack Ukraine

  • lost 71.5 thousand military personnel without any results 
  • and that Western weapons would not change the course of
  • Russia's military operation.

This came during the plenary meeting of :

the Eighth Economic East Forum

held in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok

where the President continued:

Ukraine is launching a so-called counter-attack.

  1. There are no results
  2. of course. We will not say now that it has failed
  3. but there are no results.

There have been significant casualties since the beginning of the counter-attack, with 71.5 thousand military casualties. Moreover, they say that they want results at all costs ".


pointed out that it sometimes creates the impression that :

they don't care about their people at all :

who abandon them in this counter-attack, as if they're not their people

at all! He continued:

"The leaders on the battlefield tell me. It's amazing! ".

Putin said the casualties were significant, with Ukraine's armed forces virtually

losing 543 tanks and some 18 thousand armoured personnel of various categories.

Replying to :

questions about Ukraine during the plenary session, Putin stressed:

  • If it wants dialogue now, let it state it.
  • How can we stop firing while the enemy is counter-attacking?

The law prohibiting negotiation must be changed first

and the willingness to negotiate second must be declared.

The White House :

administration has previously declared the use of

cluster bombs a war crime. Now they provide these bombs to Ukraine.

The United States

  • does everything for its interests without any other considerations.
  • They provide cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions
  • and hit the wall with all the principles.

All these munitions and weapons have not been changed and the provision of

F-16 fighters will not alter any results of the military operation.

The Ukrainian :

leadership does not care about the fate of its people.

After a number of Ukrainian saboteurs fell into captivity, they admitted training by the British from special devices to sabotage the nuclear plant's electrical supply lines.

Does the British leadership know of training Ukrainian military personnel to sabotage the nuclear plant? Or don't they know about it? Are they deliberately provoking us?

Over the past 6-7 months

  • 270 thousand volunteers have joined the Russian army
  • at the rate of 1000-1500 people coming to write contracts
  • with the Russian armed forces.

The men of our armed forces know that they

are defending their people and their people.