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The nature of a sexual relationship may be the reason behind the rapid spread of a common cancer!


The nature of :

a sexual relationship :

may be the reason behind :

the rapid spread of a common cancer! :

There has been a rapid increase in rates of laryngeal cancer in the West over

the past two decades, so much so that some have described it as a pandemic.

This is due to a significant rise in the incidence of

a particular type of laryngeal

cancer called oral pharyngeal cancer

(the tonsillium area and the back of the throat).

  • Experts revealed that the main cause of
  • this cancer is human papillomavirus (HPV)

Now :

oral pharyngeal cancer is more common than cervical cancer in

the United States and the United Kingdom.

Human papillomavirus is

transmitted through sexual intercourse.

For oral pharyngeal cancer

the main risk factor is the number of primarily sexual partners, and oral sex.

In a study by Hisham Mehna

a professor at the Institute of Cancer

and Genome Sciences, University of Birmingham

 involving about

1,000 people who underwent tonsillectomy for non-cancer causes

in the UK

80% of adults reported having oral sex at some point in their lives.


only a few of these people develop oral pharyngeal cancer.

According to the prevailing theory

most of us may be infected with HPV and be able to get rid of

it completely. However, only a small number of

people can get rid of

the infection, possibly due to a faulty immune system

  • where the virus is able to replicate continuously
  • and over time it integrates into random sites in the host's DNA

This has prompted many countries :

including the United Kingdom

Australia and the United States

to extend their national HPV vaccination recommendations to

young boys in the so-called gender-neutral vaccination policy.

But a comprehensive vaccination policy

does not guarantee that everyone is targeted.

A large proportion of people oppose HPV

vaccination because of concerns about safety or necessity.