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Musk visits a settlement in the Gaza Strip. An agreement is made not to activate Starlink


Musk visits

a settlement in the cover of Gaza..

Agreement not to activate Starlink services in

Gaza without Israel's consent

Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Garai said he had reached

a tentative agreement with US businessman Elon Musk that

Starlink's space internet services in Gaza

would not be activated until Tel Aviv agreed.

"I congratulate you on reaching a preliminary understanding with

the Ministry of Communications under my leadership

and during your time in Israel

I hope you

can gain a valuable vision

serve as a starting point for future endeavors, as well as strengthen your relationship with Jewish people and the values we share with the world at large."

According to

the Israeli Prime Minister's Office via the "X" podium

Netanyahu took Musk on a tour to Kibbutz Kfar Aza

one of the settlements stormed by Hamas fighters on October 7.

Netanyahu held a meeting

with Musk at Prime Minister's Office in the Knesset

following their tour of Kibbutz Kfar Izza this morning.

Netanyahu showed Musk

"clips of the IDF spokesman's film showing the"

aftermath of the Hamas attack "last October 7"

and then held an extensive meeting on

the security aspects of artificial intelligence.

Senior officials of

the Security Foundation participated in the meeting in

the fields of artificial intelligence and cyber.


arrived in Tel Aviv on Monday for a visit during which

he met with President Isaac Herzog.

Musk announced late last October that

satellite communications services "Starlink"

would be provided to internationally recognized organizations

providing assistance in the Gaza Strip

but reversed his promise after Israeli criticism.

He also promised to

donate income from his social network X of

conflict content in the Gaza Strip to Israeli hospitals and an international humanitarian organization providing medical assistance to Palestinians.