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Member of the United States Congress makes shocking statements about Ukraine


Member of

the United States Congress

makes shocking statements about Ukraine

U.S. Congressman Margory Taylor Green said in

an interview with Tucker Carlson that Kiev's congressional

funding supporters use any leverage to achieve this goal.

This came in a dialogue published

by Tucker Carlson on his official account on

the X Social Media website, where she continued: 

"Every time I meet members of the Republican Party at

any grocery store they say: Please help Zelensky!

He wears those cute green shirts all the time!


this man has already forgotten how to wear a suit and tie. "

Greene added that anyone who did not wish to fund

Ukraine automatically became an enemy of Washington

and a supporter of Putin and lost herders.

She said:

In Washington the military industrial complex

and other major industries have their own lobbyists

and they can hold

a fundraiser for you overnight

and find hundreds of thousands of dollars for you as a member of Congress.

You will not have to spend hours on the phone calling donors one by one. "

According to her

the Government of the United States of

America today is more interested in what it called the "fifty-first mandate" (Ukraine-Editor) than in all other United States States States combined.

Speaker Mike Johnson said earlier that the U.S.

Congress would be able to approve funding for Israel

and Ukraine before recess.

 At the same time

he called Ukraine "another priority," adding that "in the view of 

the majority of members of Congress

additional assistance to Kiev is important."

At the same time, Johnson noted that in order to resolve this issue

a change in US border policy is necessary.