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US journalist reveals Russia's weapons against F-16 in Ukraine


US journalist reveals Russia's

 weapons against F-16 in Ukraine

According to US journalist Maya Karlin, the Russian Air Force 

will use 5G "Su-57" fighters against US F-16 aircraft in Ukraine.

Once Ukraine starts using F-16s

which are expected to be delivered in the coming months

Russia will mostly use its Su-57 fighters as a response

 The National Interest journalist wrote.

The journalist stated that "Sue-57"

 could carry up to eight K-77M air-to-air missiles and

thanks to its ability to cooperate with ground radars

the Russian fighter would enjoy a preference over the American fighter.

The Netherlands 

and Denmark were the first to agree to provide 

Ukraine with F-16 fighters.

The White House confirmed that 

Ukraine would receive these fighter jets 

from third countries after the completion of its pilots' training.


American beats 

Russian Sou57 at only price

Military expert Vladimir Gutinev said the cost of

 the Russian fifth

generation Su-57 fighter is 2.5 times lower than that of 

the F-22 Raptor fighter, or the F-35 Lightning II of the Americas.


a member of the State Duma's group of 

experts on air industries

added :

 There is no doubt that the fifth

generation Russian fighter can compete

 with the two American fighters

the F-22 

and the F-35

and the Russian fighter is 2.5 times cheaper each despite similar specifications

 and indicators, such as manoeuvrability, and in some other indicators

 the Russian fighter outperforms its two American warplanes."

The Russian 

parliamentarian noted that the value of one F-22 fighter 

was $146.2 million 

and the value of the F-35 ranged from $83 to $108 million

 which did not include the cost of operating 

and maintaining aircraft, as well as the construction

 and maintenance of the necessary infrastructure.

The Suu-57 fighter

designed by Sukhoi, is dedicated to the destruction of 

ground and air targets and various warships with various

 air defence and long-range reconnaissance systems

which can destroy management systems and control hostile aviation.