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Biden's wife sees his old age as a "positive point" in running for a second term


Biden's wife sees his old age as a "positive point"

 in running for a second term

Jill Biden, the wife of US President Joe Biden, said her husband's older age was not an obstacle to running for a second presidential term, but rather a "positive point."

During an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, which aired on Thursday

Jill Biden responded to those concerned that 

the Democratic president is an old man, saying "his age is a positive point."

He has wisdom

he has experience, he knows every leader on the world stage.

 Live history, know it. his decisions are well considered

he is the right man for this post at this moment in history ".

It comes as US President Joe Biden -- aged 81, the oldest US president in history -- faces persistent questions from voters about his decision to seek a second term.

The next U.S. presidential election is scheduled for November

and on April 25, 2023, Biden announced his intention to run

 for a second presidential term, and Republican Trump announced that 

he would enter the election race in November 2022.

Successful President

However, criticism of Biden's enactment is infuriating

 his White House advisers

who confirm the success of his policy during 32 months of power

and find it unfair to mention only the last press conference

although in less than a week, he has been able to boost international

 aid to Ukraine, raise more funding for poor countries

and strengthen the partnership with Vietnam against China.

With the help of circumstances

Biden succeeded in making his country the undisputed lady of the West

putting an end to American naivety in the face of Chinese strategic industries

 returning strategic industries to his country

and warning China that he would not tolerate it over Taiwan.


writer Renault Gérard

in his newspaper article, explained that this bout of dementia suffered 

by the leader of the planet's greatest military and economic power

does not help reassure

 the Vietnamese who forgot their war with

 America between 1964 and 1975

have become closer to it than ever before

and for them no longer that Western nation The great "imperialism" 

and even perceived it as a fundamental balance force in the Indo-Pacific region

noting that they would like to increase their trade and military relations

 with the United States, but without provoking their powerful neighbour China.