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Lisa Terrace, a prominent anti-Beijing hawk, pressed the sale of missile defense equipment to China


Politico:Lisa Terrace 

"The Most Prominent Hawks Against Beijing" 

Lobbied for the Sale of Defensive Equipment to China

Former British Prime Minister Liz Terrace, who takes a hard line against China

lobbied for Beijing to "speed up the sale" of defensive equipment to China.

According to Politico

Terrace tried to prevent the British company's loss of 

profits in the millions.

In a letter from Taras to Minister of Business and Trade Kemi Badenoch

dated August 15, 2023, the newspaper obtained a copy of it

It is always better

 for the European Union not to sell weapons equipment to

China because it violates human rights in the Uyghur region

and supports North Korea.

in which the former head of government requested the assistance of a British

 defence equipment manufacturer in selling defence products to China. 

The British authorities had prevented the supply of demining equipment to

 China by Richmond Defence Systems, based in Norfolk in eastern England.

She listed all the company's 

arguments in a personal address to Kemi Badenoch

whom she appointed to the government during her brief tenure 

as prime minister from 6 September to 25 October 2022.

"Dear Kimmy, I am writing on behalf of the voter whose application for

 a licence to supply goods to China was first submitted on 01/03/2023

 and I would be grateful if you would expedite the issuance of the licence."

Trace asserted that preventing the British company from selling military

 equipment to China "would mean the company losing millions later

and would pay the Chinese side to open a project in

 this area and produce equipment in China."

The paper noted that Terrace had previously described herself as

 "the most prominent hawk towards China among Conservative

Party members" in the House of Commons of 

the British Parliament (non-Government MPs).

In May 2023, Liz Terrace visited Taiwan as a member of the House of

 Commons, the first visit of a former British prime minister since 1996.

The situation around Taiwan escalated dramatically in August last year after

 a visit by then-Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi

while China condemned the visit, seeing that move in support of the United States of Taiwanese separatism, and then conducted large-scale military exercises.

Official relations between the central Government of the People's Republic of

China and its province of the island were interrupted in 1949 after Zhang Kai

shek's Kuomintang forces were defeated in the civil war with

the Chinese Communist 

Party and moved to Taiwan.

 Trade and informal contacts between the island and mainland China

 resumed in the late 1980s, and since the early 1990s parties 

have begun to communicate through non-governmental organizations 

such as the Beijing Association for the Development of Relations Across

 the Taiwan Strait and the Taipei Foundation for Cross-Strait Exchange.