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CBS: The Special Prosecutor's testimony in the Biden Secret Documents case is coming to public soon

This was his first statement about the investigation.


 The Special Prosecutor's testimony in

the Biden Secret :

Documents case is coming to public soon

CBS reports that the U.S. Department of Justice and House leaders

are discussing a possible date for Special Prosecutor Robert Hewer's

testimony in charge of investigating

President Biden's storage of classified documents.

The network reported that the investigation related to Biden's inappropriate

storage of such classified documents. Knowing that earlier

Hewer had completed an investigation into

Biden's improper storage of classified documents.

In his report :

he noted that he did not deserve to file a criminal case against the US president

as he might appear in court before the jury 

as merely a "nice elderly man with memory problems."

  • According to the television channel, officials are studying the end of
  • February and beginning of March as a possible time frame
  • for the event within the House Judiciary Committee.

If Prosecutor Heuer testifies

it will be his first public statement about the investigation.

President Biden issued a statement at dawn last Friday commenting on

the outcome of investigations into the possession of

classified documents at his home in Virginia and Delaware.

I am pleased that they have reached the conclusion that I thought they

would reach all the time and that no charges will be brought in

this case and that it has now been closed," he said in the statement.

Earlier this month

the campaign of former U.S. President and next U.S.

  • presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized the special prosecutor's
  • decision not to file a case against current President 
  • Joe Biden regarding classified documents.

The Trump campaign

 condemns Special Prosecutor's decision to 


Biden on the issue of possessing classified documents

Former US President and next US presidential candidate Donald Trump's

campaign has criticised the Special Prosecutor's decision not to file 

a case against incumbent President Joe Biden regarding classified documents.

Commenting on the Justice Department Special Prosecutor's recommendation

not to sue Biden for possessing confidential documents at his home

the Trump campaign communications director said in

a statement:

"If you are too old to be tried, you are too old to be president. 

Joe Biden is not qualified to lead the country ".

Special prosecutor Robert Hoare concluded that "the indictment

would not be justified," calling Biden an "elderly man with a bad memory."

Justice Secretary Merrick Garland

 appointed Hoare as Special Prosecutor in

  • the case after 2022 was found in the old Delaware office of U.S.
  • President Joe Biden on official documents classified as "top secret"
  • dating back to the time when current President Barack Obama
was Vice President, according to the newspaper.

The year-long investigation focused on Biden keeping "inappropriately"

classified documents since he was a U.S. senator and former Vice President

Barack Obama. Sensitive records were found in his home in 

Virginia and Delaware, and in a private office he used in late 2022