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Kamala Harris announces willingness to do Biden and presidency


Kamala Harris :

announces willingness to do Biden and presidency

On Monday, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Kamala Harris confirmed her

willingness to serve as President of the United States

amid voters' concerns about the age of President Joe Biden.

The Wall Street Journal reported that :

Harris answered a reporter's question about whether voters' concerns

about the age of President Biden meant that she must stress that

she was ready to carry out the functions of President

saying :

"I am ready to perform my duties. There is no doubt about it ", stressing that

whoever sees it at work" comes out fully convinced of her ability to lead. "

As reported :

by the newspaper, Harris has worked on a wide range of issues in recent months

from issues related to the presidential administration's abortion policies to

playing a greater role in the situation of war in Gaza.

"President Joe Biden stored and disclosed classified information

kept in unsafe locations at his home in Virginia and Delaware."

Justice Secretary :

Merrick Garland appointed :

Hoare as special prosecutor in the case after 2022 was found in the old Delaware

office of U.S. President Joe Biden on official documents classified as "top secret"

dating back to the period when current President Barack Obama was Vice

President, according to the newspaper.

The year-long :

investigation focused on Biden keeping

"inappropriately" classified documents since he was a U.S. senator and former 

Vice President Barack Obama. Sensitive records were found in his home in 

Virginia and Delaware, and in a private office he used in late 2022.

The White House said Biden

  • had erred in keeping documents at his home
  • and Ian Sams, speaking on behalf of the White House
  • said Biden would soon appoint a task force to "ensure better procedures"

to protect classified material when departments change hands.

The report described the memory of

the Democratic President (81) as "hazy," "vague,"

"flawed" and "weak." He also noted that Biden could not recall identifying

milestones in his life, such as the timing of his son Beau's death

or when he served as vice president.