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Main natural nutrients for men's health


Main natural nutrients for men's health

The state of health :

physical and mental health has a significant impact on all spheres of

men's life and social activity. To preserve them

a healthy lifestyle must be followed.

Dr. Irina Popkova

  • a dietitian, notes in a recent Gazeta.Ru that
  • a healthy lifestyle involves regular physical activity
  • a balanced diet and good sleep.

She says:

 "A man needs a balanced and varied diet.

 It should include high protein foods (poultry and meat)


carbohydrates (grain and whole grain bread)

fresh vegetables and leafy vegetables

(parsley, dill, cabbage, etc.)

In addition :

it needs to normalize and wake up its sleep system, so that at least 8 hours of

continuous sleep per day. It will not harm the addition of regular physical activity.

It also has to reduce stress factors as much as possible. 

Problems with the partner, struggles at work

increased anxiety - all of this can cause reduced libido. "

The expert explains that

  1. the most important nutrients are zinc
  2. magnesium
  3. Arginine and carnitine.

It says:

  • "Zinc is necessary to raise the level of testosterone
  • the main male sex hormone. It is found in pumpkin seeds
  • seafood and nuts.

Magnesium also stimulates the production of testosterone.

In addition :

it is considered the "main anti-stress element."

Magnesium also reduces the excitement of the nervous system

reduces anxiety :

enhances energy. So taking it is important in case of intense physical activity

as it increases the body's stamina. Magnesium

is found in dark chocolate, mackerel and salmon ".

According to nutritionists, the amino acid L-arginine directly affects the process of

erection, as it improves the circulation of the male organ. Pumpkin seeds

are rich in it. Peanuts, walnuts and poultry meat should also be added to the diet.

It says:

 "L-carnitine is really strong for energy. 

This substance is found in beef and lamb.

If the diet is not diversified and there is a lack of vitamins, mineral elements

and amino acids, nutrients can be taken to improve the state of health. "