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NASA is looking for volunteers to simulate living on Mars for a year.. What are the requirements?


NASA is looking for :

volunteers to simulate living on Mars for a year.. 

What are the requirements?

The U.S. space agency, NASA, announced its search for four volunteers to

simulate living on Mars, although its plans to settle the planet remain elusive.

On Friday :

February 23, NASA said :

officials were looking for applicants for NASA's upcoming research mission

which mimics "important challenges on Mars" as a way to 

guide future human exploration plans for the red planet.

The US space agency has invited applicants to spend one year in a Martian

simulated habitat, stating that it is willing to pay for it.

The Agency seeks healthy adults with degrees

military or experimental experience.

The simulation is the second of

a series of three one-year missions called The Crew Health and Performance

Exploration Analog, or CHAPEA, where volunteers live and act as astronauts

and NASA calls them analog astronauts

within a 3D-printed habitat in Houston, Texas.

The 1,700-square-foot area, called Mars Dune Alpha

mimics habitats that NASA may one day build on Mars to house astronauts.

The first four :

person mission crew has lived in

Mars Dune Alpha since last July.

NASA is now looking for applicants for CHAPEA's second mission

which will begin in spring 2025.

The Agency states that it seeks "U.S. citizens or permanent residents

healthy and motivated", aged 30 to 55, who are fluent in English and do not smoke.

Like astronauts in space :

NASA wants to be a "simulator astronaut" with a master's degree in science

technology, engineering and mathematics, with two years of experience in

this field or 1,000 hours of jet flying.

"Applicants must have a strong desire for unique, rewarding adventures

and interest in contributing to NASA's work to prepare for

the first human flight to Mars," the agency wrote in a statement.

Applicants must also :

pass a criminal background check, psychological examination

  • and medical evaluation to qualify
  • as they will spend a year in extreme isolation in
  • close quarters with a very strict schedule.

According to the space agency

volunteers will undergo blood, urine, stool and saliva tests on

a monthly basis, as well as restricted access to social media

and a 20-minute delay in contacts with anyone outside Mars Dune Alpha.

NASA's full terms of application for this mission

can be found on its official website.


spokesperson told Business Insider that :

the physical counterpart for CHAPEA mission participants "corresponds to

the compensation of persons involved in other analog tasks"

but did not provide further details.

The application is open until 2 April at 6 pm ET.