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Everything you need to know about solar cars



Everything you need to know about solar cars

Each era and period of time have certain characteristics that distinguish it

from the other, and in the same continuous approach

the major industrial companies strive to keep abreast of all the developments

that will keep their customers in it, start from fuel cars, access electricity

In both cases :

Companies have made all their endeavours to 

make distinctive vehicles concerned in the characteristics of the stage.

Vehicles have diversified greatly

 including fuel

including up to the range of their long-distance

electric charge

today and given the world's evolution

and the trend of industries towards solar energy.

Given the environmental situation in the world

which has become a must to look for a real and real alternative to fuel use

and pollutants that dramatically and rapidly destroy the environmental envelope

a new glossy name has emerged for us in the automotive industry.

Our article today provides all the information about a solar-powered

car and the benefits of solar-powered cars

and other information involved in solar energy and automobiles.

Solar Powered Car :

  • The term solar energy has always been used not really
  • because it has been in development for the past years
  • to be declared ready during the present period to be used in
  • making solar electric vehicles.

As we have opened the doors of the history of their politics in the evolution of

the planet into a better state economically and environmentally

solar energy is defined as a renewable energy that derives from the Sun

where it will continue with us until the end of the planet.

And you don't need :

any source that's threatened with ending.

Solar cars have photovoltaic panels and cells that are closely linked to

each other that convert light or sunlight into voltage-measured electric energy.

This process is based on a controller located in the car battery

the importance of the battery is to store the energy the car relies on after sunset.

Moreover, there are some car companies that prefer that

the power is transferred directly to the engine of

a solar-powered car without resorting to its arrival for the car battery.

Pros of Solar Cars :

Solar cars are the cars of the future that we are heading to

fast And given the economic situation, we find that the prices of

fuel in all the world are constantly rising, which means that

they have become a costly option.

Environmentally :

  • emissions from the combustion process in cars affect
  • many harmful problems in the environment that
  • have become affecting temperatures in cities
  • breathing process and other harmful

The positives can be summarized as follows:

  • Save money by solar-powered cars
  • Low charge cost of electric battery
  • Solar vehicles are highly suited to the environment
  • Non-disturbing and no air pollution
  • An ideal option for short distance cutters in the morning
  • Energy storage for night work

Solar Car Downsides :

As anything new :

there are many benefits of getting a solar car in general

but there are also some negatives that we mention to you part of:

  • Need a lot of space for solar panels
  • Panels usually convert from 20-35% of energy only
  • Weight and load on the car, due to the presence of solar charging panels
  • Difficulty of having maintenance shops for the initial period of the car in the world, due to the novelty of the order
  • The battery helps save the power to work at night, but the presence of the sun is required to operate in the perfect state
  • The car will not be a suitable option for cold areas where sunlight is largely non-existent

Evolution of solar cars :

Although the industry is still at the beginning

automotive factories have strived to develop the industry's business and quickly take it to global prominence.

Some types of solar-powered

vehicles from companies that have been proactive in the industrial sphere are some of the rapid developments that automotive plants have rapidly worked on:

Solar roofs in cars

Charging has been introduced through the roof of the vehicle where the solar charging board is installed on the roof of the vehicle in such a way that it is allowed to be charged continuously as long as it is exposed to solar rays.

These are some models of cars that have introduced

solar roofs early in their vehicles:

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: Hyundai provided the Sonata with a sun-chargeable roof in its hybrid with a convertible roof of approximately 30-60% power for the vehicle's battery

Toyota Prius:

The Toyota Prius provided a copy located in its home country of 

Japan with a solar surface that can charge up to approximately 6/km per day

Nissan Leaf:

  • Nissan Leaf is also among the names of solar-powered cars
  • where the 2010 Nissan Leaf Gene has a solar roof
  • where it is the oldest and first vehicle to give us
  • the idea of the solar roof through which the car can be charged

Panel Space Development

Given the importance of solar panel space in cars

  • the more panels increase the ability to charge
  • and convert solar radiation to more energy
  • companies have been exploiting spaces in large cars

and in pickup trucks to provide rear vehicle space for panels that do not reduce

the potential of these trucks by containing more passengers 

and retaining size features


Before the conclusion of our article

We can say that the future of cars in the world is on the shoulders of

a solar-powered car and the speed of its development

but what is guaranteed is that we are going the right way

so that the solar-powered

automobile industries have become diversified into racing cars that

have a special tournament with a large mass, which means that

there are fans waiting for these cars to develop dramatically.

The question remains where are they from

the global market and what are we waiting for so far?

The question lies and overlaps with a lot of political and economic aspects.

Before major companies emerge to make such cars

we will still discuss the legitimacy of the matter and our ability to implement it.

But looking for good news

we find that in 2016 we had the first company involved in making a solar

powered car, the lightyear company that worked to offer a fully solar lightyear 0

This has given us some hope for a rapid evolution of the matter. 

As for the responsibility that lies with us, it is to answer some of

the questions that are repeated about it. How do we benefit the environment 

by using these cars? The answer is to reduce harmful emissions caused

by car fuel combustion or diesel as well.