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Trump campaign spokesman: Haley will kiss his ass when she drops out of presidential race


Trump campaign spokesman:

Haley will kiss :

his ass when she drops out of presidential race

Former US President Donald Trump campaign spokesman Stephen Cheung says

presidential candidate Nikki Healy will "accept the back" of

the former president when she "drops out of the presidential race."

Haley delivered a speech on Tuesday

announcing that she would not drop out of the Republican primary

despite doubts about her prospects of beating Trump for the party's nomination.

Haley said she would stay in the race

regardless of her performance in the South Carolina primary scheduled

for Saturday :

adding :

"I don't feel the need to kiss the ring

(i.e. show loyalty to someone in power)

and I have no fear of Trump's retaliation. I'm not looking for anything from him. "

Cheung replied that :

  • Haley would probably support Trump when the time came.
  • He wrote on platform X: "You will go down to kiss his ass

Trump critic Hayley:

He can't forget the demons of his past

and he's getting more and more dysfunctional by the day!

US Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley slammed former 

President Donald Trump as saying he was "getting worse" by the day.

Haley said days before next Saturday's primary election in her South

Carolina stronghold that Trump is "getting nasty and hostile over the days."

"He's completely distracted, and everything he's about is so obsessed

with the demons of his past that he can't focus on the future Americans deserve."

According to Hayley

  • "it is abnormal to spend $50 million on a campaign of
  • donations on personal cases before the courts"
  • referring to Trump's judicial troubles.

It is also unnatural to threaten people who support your opponent

and it is abnormal to invite Russia to invade NATO countries

she said :

  • commenting on Trump's recent remarks
  • about withdrawing from the alliance and that
  • he would encourage Russia to attack NATO 
  • states that do not meet their financial obligations.

The New York Times reported that NATO leaders

including Germany, were looking into the possibility of

continuing the alliance should Donald Trump win the next presidential election.