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Trump: Every American bomb that falls on Yemen costs us $1 million



Every American bomb that 

falls on Yemen costs us $1 million

Former US President Donald Trump said every

bomb dropped on Yemen cost the US $1 million.

"We're bombing Yemen, and every bomb costs a million dollars, but the most

important thing is we're killing a lot of people,"

Trump said, speaking to supporters in Michigan.

Trump :

previously drew harsh criticism of President Joe Biden's 

administration after U.S. troops struck Houthi positions in Yemen.

In his account on

the social media platform Truth Social :

Trump wrote: "Let me explain. We're dropping bombs all over the Middle East

again, where you beat ISIS! Our Minister of Defence, who disappeared 5 days ago

runs the war through his mobile device in the hospital room. "

Now we have wars in Ukraine

Israel and Yemen, but there is no" war "on our southern border

he added :

 referring to the U.S. administration's rejection of Republican demands for actions

to protect the border with Mexico against the backdrop of an influx of migrants.

The United States :

and the United Kingdom carried out a series of strikes on

sites in Sana 'a, Hodeida, Sa' ada and other areas of Yemen, on Friday, January 12

in response to attacks by Ansar Allah (Houthi)

on commercial vessels in the Red Sea.


Biden the lowest

smarting president in the country's history

Former US President Donald described his Democratic successor 

Joe Biden as "the lowest intelligent president in the country's history."

"Our president is a very low IQ man, and I'm ready to bet that Joe Biden

has the lowest IQ of all American presidents," Trump said at a rally of

his supporters in Michigan.

 He added that he "does not even qualify for his

position that he cannot find the platform to say a word without help."

Congressman Ronnie Jackson, a former White House physician

said Biden had cognitive problems that posed a major threat to the country.