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Donald Trump makes history with "The Silence of a Porn Actress"


Donald Trump makes history with

 "The Silence of a Porn Actress"

On Monday, former US President Donald Trump entered history, having become

the first former president in the country's history to be tried in criminal charges in

the "Buy Silence" case of a pornographic actress.

Trump's trial hearing will begin later today before the Manhattan court

which is scheduled to last for four days a week, for six weeks or more.

Donald Trump ":

makes history with "The Silence of a Porn Actress"

The Republican candidate will sit face to face in a room with 12 New Yorkers (jury)

who will decide whether to make Trump a convicted criminal

before he appears before voters next November.

The start of jury selection marked a historic moment in Trump's intertwined

political and legal campaigns, as the former president's criminal cases

became an inherent element of his third attempt to reach the White House.

But of :

the four criminal indictments against Trump :

it was the "Buy Silence"

case that jumped to the forefront, a case where legal observers agree to face less

serious charges. It remains unclear whether any of :

the former President's other indictments will reach the jury this year.

Trump 34 faces a minor criminal charge of falsifying business records in

connection with his compensation to his former lawyer Michael Cohen

in exchange for paying porn actress Stormy Daniels $ 130 thousand in October

2016 for keeping quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

No cameras will document the trial, except for a small group of photographers

allowed to quickly capture some footage every morning after Trump's entry.

Each time he enters or exits the back of the courtroom, the former President

will be able to speak to cameras in the lobby as he did during his civil

fraud trial late last year, which served as practical training

for how his criminal trial will proceed.