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"If I were president, there would be no October 7 attack!"


"If I were president,

there would be no October 7 attack!"

If he wins the election, Trump promises to end the war in Gaza

and Ukraine and bring peace to the Middle East. Jacob Majid - Times of Israel

In an interview on Fox News for the second time this month

  • Trump attacks Israel's relations with the Democratic Party.
  • He said he would demand Netanyahu end the war against Hamas
  • and return to peace, if he wins the November election.

Trump did not go so far as to call for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, but in his

remarks he hinted at discomfort with Israel's ongoing war against Hamas.

Trump said :

  • he would end the war between Russia and Ukraine
  • even before he was sworn in, and achieve peace in
  • the Middle East, recalling his success in brokering

the Abraham Accords.

  • as well as Israel's counter-attack
  • would never have happened if I had been President.

The relationship between Trump 

and Netanyahu has been volatile :

with the former often suggesting that he never forgave the Israeli

prime minister for congratulating Joe Biden after beating Trump

in the 2020 election. 

Criticizing Israel's relationship with the Democratic Party

Trump said Democrats were too bad for Israel, and Israel held onto them.

If Biden were in favor of Israel

the Iran nuclear deal would never have been signed

and Israel would never have been attacked

Trump added :

referring to the deal signed in 2015 when Biden was vice president.

Returning to the remarks of Chuck Schumer

the US Senate majority leader

the former president pointed out that Schumer, who acknowledged the horrors of

the Hamas attack in his speech, was more interested in securing more voters. 

He said:

 "Schumer sees large numbers of people protesting there and they happen

to be Palestinians or from the Middle East. He may have been shocked

when he saw it, and suddenly he abandoned Israel.