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After announcing his purchase of Parler website.. Canier West calls Trump


After announcing his purchase of Parler website.. Canier West calls Trump

Politico reported that the renowned American rapper Canier West contacted former US President Donald Trump following the announcement that the rapper was buying Parler's social media website.

Sources indicated that 

the contact took place after the announcement of the singer's purchase of the site, and that he had agreed with Trump to hold a lunch party together, but that there were no specific plans to do so yet.

Parler Social Media offers itself as an alternative platform for "Twitter," and claims to adhere to freedom of expression online.

The site is popular with supporters of

former US President Donald Trump

and recorded a jump in users after Trump defeated the 2020 presidential election, blocking his major social media accounts.

The announcement of Kanyeh West's purchase of Parler comes almost a month after his Twitter account was temporarily blocked for a tweet that Twitter deemed anti-Semitic. Details of the transaction and its value were not disclosed.

Kanye West: I'm not a GOP puppet and I'm richer than Trump!

US rapper Kanye West has denied allegations of being bribed by US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Kanye said during a meeting with broadcaster and rapper Nick Cannon on Monday that he was already richer than Donald Trump, Egypt, as serious in his quest to win the presidency.

He said he had nothing to earn

  • and no one could pay him money because he was wealthy
  • stressing that he did not charge any money to distract voters until
  • Trump was chosen to serve as president for another term.

Kanye West said he was doing his best to deny rumors that he was just a GOP puppet.