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Former Trump lawyer reveals who was behind the FBI report secret documents at former President's residence


Former Trump lawyer reveals who was behind the FBI

report secret documents at former President's residence

3 months after the FBI raided the Mar-a-Lago resort of former US President Donald Trump's residence, where hundreds of secret documents were found, talk continues about who was behind the reporting.

Many US media outlets in the past months have published speculation and speculation about the identity of the whistleblower, as Ivanka did not exclude the former president's daughter and husband, Jared Kushner, from standing behind it.

In an interview by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

once close to him, he revealed that Ivanka and her husband

Jared Kushner

  • reported the existence of classified documents to
  • the U.S. authorities in Mar-a-Lago.

In an interview with MSNBC on Saturday

Cohen added: "I think Jared and Ivanka may have been the informants who told the FBI that Trump was keeping classified documents at his Florida residence."

Cohen explained why the couple did not return to the presidential campaign, saying that they "really got everything they wanted to do in politics."

During the interview

  • who had previously been convicted of tax rigging charges
  • and also talked about the more than $640 million
  • the couple made during their time in the White House.

Last week

Trump officially announced the 2024 election, but what drew attention was that his daughter Ivanka was absent from the celebration in Florida.

After that, Ivanka was quick to publish a statement saying that she had decided to move away from the political arena and focus on her children and family life.

Photos that lie to Trump's denials and confirm that

he destroyed documents by throwing them with the toilet

Axios posted photos confirming what former US President Donald Trump denied about him throwing important documents into the White House toilet in an attempt to destroy them.

A White House source told US reporter The New York Times, Maggie Haberman, who was the first to publish this information in her book "confidence man" that the photo on the left shows a toilet in the White House, and the photo on the right was taken during a foreign trip.

According to the source,

  • "Throwing documents happened several times in the White House.
  • On at least two "
  • "Trump destroyed the documents this way," he said.
  • It was not widely known inside the West Wing of the White House


  • some of his aides were familiar with the practice
  • which he had engaged in several times
  • of tearing up documents that were supposed to be retained under
  • the Presidential Records Act. "

Trump spokesman Taylor Podwich commented on Haberman's posting of the photos, telling Axios: "You have to be very desperate to sell books if photos of paper in the toilet bowl are part of your promotional plan."